Summary: Life without God is scary like being alone in the dark. God shows us His love by bringing the Sonrise.

A. Have you ever been stuck in the dark?

a. Ever been lost somewhere at night?

b. Ever been at home at night when the power went


c. In the house all alone during a bad storm?

d. Do you remember what it felt like to be all

alone in the dark, without any light – that’s a

taste of our life without God

e. One time while doing training at Fort Riley, I

got out of my vehicle. There was no moon light

and it was very cloudy. I figured I could find

the remainder of my vehicles because I could hear

them running. I started walking towards the next

vehicle when all four of my vehicles shut off. I

still figured that I could find it because all I

had to do was walk toward where the sound had been

coming from. Well, I missed it and spent the next

couple of hours walking around trying to find any

of my vehicles. I was preparing myself to sleep

on the ground that night. I was scared.

B. Our love for God is imperfect

a. It is fleeting – we call upon Him when we need

help and forget Him soon after we are rescued

b. We are focused on the external – we like to

keep up appearances, make our weekly entrances at

church, look pious in our Sunday best but God

knows that we drift during the sermon, we don’t

put our hearts into the prayers and only sing the

hymns we like

C. God’s love for us is sure

a. His love does not fail

b. It is as sure as the sunrise – it will always

be there

c. He demonstrated that love through the Son –


D. The Son came as surely as the sunrise

a. His coming was prophesied in the Garden of

Eden (Genesis 3), Moses, the prophets

b. When He came He was born, suffered, died and

was raised to life

c. We too are raised to new life through our


E. We are loved therefore we love

a. God has given us a new heart to love Him

b. We thank Him for the wonderful gift of

salvation He has give

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