Summary: Do you influence for positive or infect with negatives?


Mark 6:14-28

Her name is the feminine form of Herod, the title worn by the political rulers during the life and times of Jesus and the apostles. Herod means heroic…but they were far more hellish than heroic. She is the embodiment of the most despicable traits of this despotic ruling family.


1. Herod the Great was king at the time of Jesus’ birth and responsible for the massacre of all the children, up to the age of 2, in Bethlehem [Matthew 2]

2. He married numerous times but toward the ends of his life he became insanely suspicious and murdered member after member of his own family…It is safer to be Herod’s pig than his son… Herodias’ father Aristobulus, was one of the victims

3. She marries her uncle Herod Philip, [half brother to her father] who was not among the political figures but lived as a wealthy, private citizen in Rome and they have a daughter, Salome

4. When Herod Antipas, ruler of Galilee and Peraea (east bank of the Jordan) visited Rome, entertained by his half-brother Philip and his wife, Herodias but when Antipas leaves, he takes Herodias and her daughter--divorces his Arabian wife and makes Herodias the new queen… drawing the censure of John the Baptist

5. To finally rid herself of John’s critical voice, Herodias uses her own daughter—sexually provocative dance for the drunken crowd at Herod’s birthday party… he drank too much, lusted too much, and promised too much and Herodias silences her critic—has him beheaded!


1. Our background and circumstances may influence who we are but we are responsible for who we become…

a. She came from one of history’s worst families but dysfunctional practices can be stopped

b. Women provide the stability for home and society—if not, the infrastructure crumbles and both will implode, like the twin towers of 9-11 but with greater casualties and destruction

Mae West: When women go wrong, men go right after them.

2. TH: Antipas and Herodias are equally guilty of this marital mess…her ambition to gain a place of political prominence—Philip couldn’t offer it; and it seems to be part of the game to him

a. What price are you willing to pay for your WANTS, even if they are wrong?

b. Amazing fact about SIN—many will forfeit a lifetime of accomplishment and honor for a moment of delusional gratification and then live the rest of their life in misery

3. Tradition holds her accountable for Antipas’ ruin [He was the presiding ruler at trial of Jesus]

a. She’s jealous of her brother Agrippa’s appointment as King and prods Antipas to ask Caligula [Emperor] for the title…charged with treason, banished to France…died in exile and shame!


1. John the Baptist was recognized as God’s prophet and his word was critical—not lawful—legally, socially or morally [NOT authorized, permitted, proper]

2. John is called to the king’s place overlooking the east side of the Dead Sea…is imprisoned

3. Interesting fact: Herod was puzzled and yet drawn to John’s message [glimmer of hope because he feared and respected John] but the influence of Herodias was too much

4. She hated him and all he stood for because it was in direct opposition to her wants and desires and she knew how to handle Herod in order to get what she wanted!

5. At Antipas’ birthday party, when everyone was well intoxicated, she capitalizes upon Herod’s impulsiveness—knew he couldn’t back down from a public vow…gets John’ head on a platter


1. Why do some believe they are above the law—especially those in high political positions?

a. The response of Herod, when the news of Jesus’ miracles and public ministry spread, dredged up those feelings of guilt and fear because of his senseless act of killing John

b. As much as he might have feared the ridicule or laughter of his cronies for not keeping the hasty vow, he now faces an even greater fear because he thinks John has returned from the dead!

c. Bible doesn’t have asterisks beside certain commandments, laws or principles with your name written in the margin saying these apply to everyone else but YOU!

2. To speak the truth, even in love, does not always result in the anticipated or hoped for response

a. People often take message quite personally and if the Pastor seems to get too personal, lookout they hold a grudge and will exact their revenge—just like Herodias

b. Might silence the voice of truth and opposition in order to sin in peace but don’t forget you will one day still have to stand before Almighty God, the great and righteous Judge

3. John 3:19,20--This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed.

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