Summary: This is the first sermon from the Faith hall of fame

Hebrews 11:13-16(With illusions to 11:1-12)

To make sure God will not be ashamed of us for our lack of faith


A. Remember a few weeks ago we had Barnabas here? By faith Barnabas left his home and went to live with his uncle to receive and education. That did not happen. So then by faith he had to walk away from his family. Then by faith he left his native country and came to Cranberry Township. Then by faith he went to Toccoa Falls College, to get an education. On December 15th (by the way I will not be here December 14-16th) He will receive that education God promised him!

B. God is rewarding his faith.

C. This passage is often referred to as the “hero’s of the faith” or the “Faith hall of fame”

D. You will notice all the different names that are mentioned due to the faith of the character

E. What an honor it would be to be mentioned in this passage.

F. Faith is not always easy it does not go the way we plan

G. Today I would like to mention three areas that tend to hinder our faith.

1. Never fulfilled

2. Never fast

3. Never finishing

I. (13) Never fulfilled

A. Explanation

1. Think about when someone promises you something and does not do it.

a. If a boss hires you and never pays you

b. A landlord never fixes the leak in your roof for 10 months

2. How do you think some of these people mentioned felt?

3. God promised them all this marvelous stuff and they never received it

B. Illustration – lets look at Abel’s Life.

He knew that God deserved the best sacrifice that he could give. So that is what Abel gave his best. His brother did not give the best sacrifice, however, Cain became very upset. Cain killed Abel. All that Abel had been promised he never received. Or is that not the end of the story. He goes down in history as a righteous man.

C. Application

1. God has never and will never break a promise

2. God has much better timing, I have said that before I know but I need to repeat that.

3. If God says he will do something, he will.

4. We MUST have faith no matter the situation, circumstance whatever, God is in control

II. (13b-15) Never fast

A. Explanation

1. One of the nicest things that has happened lately has been getting a home that I can call my own.

2. Heather and me come home and just are so relaxed. It is nice to have a place of your own

3. However, now we are about to move. We just get settled and have to move. That is just not fair. But hey we do not have it as bad as Abraham

B. Illustration – God told Abraham to move. So by faith Abraham moved, and then he moved again and then again and then again and then again. I quickly counted and he moved 8 times in a span of less then 10 years. Now that could not be fun.

C. Application

1. Abraham always was settled despite the fact that he never had a house and was living in tent

2. God was his shelter his rest his home

3. Abraham had faith that God would protect and provide for him

4. We need that faith, the faith that when God does not make sense to trust him anyways

5. Sure it could mean some uncomfortable years but the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages in the long run

6. In Faith we need to accept what the Lord has for us.

III. (16) Never finished

A. Explanation

1. Computers are wonderful things

2. Ok maybe some of you disagree, you think computers might just be the anti-christ

3. The cause you more time and energy then there worth.

4. You wonder if these upgrades will ever end

5. So many times you say I wish I could go back to the old days

6. Do you really want that? These days are better then before we are doing more learning more then we ever had before!

7. God has plans for us to do something better then before, though it may not seem that way always

B. Illustration

1. Lets think about our good friend Noah. Let’s pretend for a second that we are Noah. Imagine all our friends, so neighbor what are you doing? “I am building a boat” Really to take it on the Mongahalla? “Nope the whole world is going to flood and I am going to have two of ever animal on board and we are going to be the only survivors.” Imagine if someone told you that you would be laughing at him, you would be thinking he was crazy. You would call CYS and have them take away his Kids wouldn’t you? Yet by faith he listens to God. And was focused on a better country

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