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Summary: Jesus urges us not to underestimate our worth or our work, but to realize we have our origin in God, our destiny with God and our lives constantly under the care of God.



All efforts aimed at educating, healing, and caring for human beings are based on the assumption that such endeavors are worthwhile. We believe that persons are of value. No one makes much of a stir about the loss of a ring or bracelet purchased for a few cents at a five and dime store. But if a ring or bracelet set with diamonds or precious gems is lost, great concern is expressed and a vigorous search is undertaken. The difference lies not so much in the function but the comparative worth of the objects.

To the stark reality that believers may experience emotional and bodily harm, Jesus changes the focus to the soul of man and the value or the eternal worth of a believer. Jesus assures His follower that there is One always watching over them who places great value upon them. This watcher and Judge of all actions, situations, and people is our Father, who values His children greatly and will always watch out for them.

Our passage encourages us to look at ourselves through the eyes of Jesus. He tells us we are valued and precious in the eyes of our Heavenly Father. He urges us not to underestimate our worth or our work, but to realize we have our origin in God, our destiny with God and our lives constantly under the care of God.



Jesus’ begins His argument for freedom from fear by pointing out the goodness and providence of God in verse 29. Are not two sparrows sold for a cent? And yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father. "

I love to watch hummingbirds. Those marvels or flying jewels are incredible. It is fascinating to watch their ability and grace as they dart from flower to flower in search of nectar.

Did you know our Father is a bird watcher too? He watches not merely to observe, but to know, feed, care and protect His creatures (Ps. 50: 11, 147:9, Mt. 6:26). He even watches over the sparrows.

Jesus used this truth to reassure His disciples. He had told them they would be belittled, hated, persecuted, and rejected. Then He said not one sparrow falls to the ground apart from the Father's will.

Not only is God more powerful and authoritative than those who can only kill the body, but He cares for those who serve Christ. Little sparrows were of little worth in the marketplace and basically were unnoticed by people busy with daily life. Yet the Father takes note when each one dies.[Two sparrows were sold for a farthing or penny, a copper coin (Gk assarion) worth about one-sixteenth of a Roman denarius, which was a day’s wages(20:2-4), about one cent in our money.]

Knowing a little more about an English SPARROW may help you appreciate God's care and concern. It is the commonest bird in the world, but its life and habits make a more interesting study than those of many rarer birds.

Mated sparrows fly long distances in gathering material to build their nest. The nest of two sparrows, when dissected was found to contain - among other components - over two thousand poultry feathers. The birds could only carry these one at a time - and the nearest chickens were two hundred and twenty-five yards away. Their journey there and back totaled three hundred and six miles.

If all the offspring of one pair of sparrows were to survive for ten years, the number of their descendants would be 275 trillion. But there is no danger of our skies being darkened by vast clouds of sparrows for nine out of ten hatched live less than one year (sparrow have lived for 40). Yet the Father takes note when each sparrow dies. He does not let the physical life of a seemingly insignificant and invaluable sparrow die without His notice.

If God's providence is so involved in the lives of the least of His creatures His care will be much more involved in the most valuable of His creations, a person made in His image, especially one who calls Him Father.

Satan says he will destroy your life if you testify for Jesus. Believe not the Father of lies. Trust in God’s protection. He who cares for the insignificant will not fail to care for you.

God's individual care and attention are further emphasized in verse 30. “But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.

Providence is God’s interest and care over the smaller details of our lives. Here we are reminded of God’s gracious extent of providential care over His saints. [It is in direct contrast to the deistic view which holds that God created the world and set it on its course and we should not think that He pays attention to each of us individually.] Jesus said that God cares for each, that we, being so much more valuable than sparrows, should rest in this faith, free from fear.

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