Summary: If God can keep His eye on the sparrow and care for that Sparrow; then He can keep his eye on you and carefor you.

Biblical reference: Psalms 102:7

"I watch, and am as a sparrow alone upon the housetop."

How many times have we felt like the "lone sparrow" ? Alone and empty and as if no one cared if we lived or died or even existed at all! How many times have we wished that there was just one person out there in

the not-so-big-after-all-world that would just love us for who we are and not what we have or do not have here? There is and His name is Jesus Christ! He is there waiting for you to come to Him, not intruding into you life, just waiting in the wings, loving you and caring about you. You see, Jesus doesn’t go where He is not invited to go. He doesn’t barge in and say, "I am taking over now that you have messed things up royally". He waits patiently and lovingly for you to see that you need Him as much as He needs you!

When you have gotten all you think that you have wanted out of this world, like fame, fortune and wealth and still find that it isn’t enough. When you finally realize that something is still missing ....Jesus will be waiting for you! When you discover that you never succeeded in getting all the fame fortune and wealth you wanted out of this world and still discover you are still missing

something....Jesus will be waiting for you. When you have tried everything known to man to fill that void within you and still haven’t filled it....Jesus will be waiting for you. When the love you receive in

this world from family, friends, children or spouse still isn’t enough and isn’t the love you are seeking....Jesus will be there waiting for you.

You can not exist in this world by just feeding the body with the food of the world. You also need food for the soul! That food is the "bread of Life" and the drink is the "Living Water" of Jesus Christ and His

Word. That love you so badly crave and seek is the Love of Jesus. It is like a plant. You cut off one of it’s stems that has leaves on it and it will die. Why? Because it is cut off from the mainstem and root of the

plant. Without the nourishment that comes from the main plant and it’s root, eventually it withers, turns brown and dies, separated and apart from the main root and stem. Jesus is our sustainer of life and the

nourisher of our souls. Without Him we are nothing more than that stem that lies on the ground and eventually withers and dies. But you have to choose whether you want to be like that stem that is separated from the main plant and it’s root that will eventually wither and die or become part of the main plane and it’s root (Jesus Christ) and grow and

flourish and live forever.

When you are feeling empty and that space in your heart says, "I need more, I need to find what is missing and fill it". That is the Lord tugging at your heart. He is trying to reach out to you and say, "Here I am ! Come unto me all ye that are heavy laden and I will give you rest. I will fill that empty space in you with Love and mercy and pardon. I will always care for you. Won’t you come? Won’t you let me show you what

it is like to be really loved, really cared for ?" All the pleasures and things of this world will never fill that void within you - none of it! Jesus wants to have you become a part of Him and be fulfilled, but you

have to choose.

Years ago, I watched a movie called "Cabin in the Sky", made in the 40’s,that starred a woman by the name of Ethel Waters. This movie was about faith, hope and Love even in the face of tremendous odds and

slavery. Ethel waters was a black woman and the movie was about slavery. In that movie the slaves suffered all forms of cruel and abusive treatment, yet in spite of it all they kept their eyes upon the Lord. In

the night after all the cruelty from their owners and working all day picking cotton; they still praised the Lord in word and song! If anyone had a reason to feel like hating God and rejecting Him and His love, the

slaves did! But Did they? No! In fact quite the opposite! They praised and worshipped Him all day long! They worshipped Him in the fields and in all forms of strife, clear into the night until they fell asleep. They knew that the Lord was their sustainer and Giver of Life, even if their own physical life ended would go on in His Kingdom. In the movie, Ethel Waters sang a song that I loved from the moment I first heard her sing it. the song was called,"His eye is on the sparrow." and it has been an inspiration and a source of encouragement all my life.

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