Summary: We can enter into his blessings!!

His Image


In the beginning God created man in his image.Gave him power over all other creation.Man was created last therefor he can not claim he helped God in any part of the other wonderfull things that God created.In so doing he also was placed right in the middle of the wonderfull things that God had created to enjoy.

Man being made in the image of God he WAS made a spiritial being.With this he could have true fellowship with God in the garden.


the next thing said is he blessed them...

Obviously,one could not be in the image of God an not be blessed.

So quickly we come to the many have the understanding that the sin that got Adam an Eve and the rest of mankind cursed came from eating the apple.If you read your Bible you will find before they even took a bite they were doomed



will tell you by touching it they were cursed to die.One may say they did not die.They were created to live forever there for they did die.Not only in the flesh did they die but they were no longer spiritual beings they were driven by the flesh. There for dead to the spiritual life.

This tells us that we don't have to partake of the sin in this world to be guilty just touching it.


Man could never enter into that place in the garden again.

one that is driven by fleshly desire will never enter into the presence of God. Or his blessings.They can not partake of his fruit.

John 3:16

whosoever will...

The Resurrection of of Christ and the filling of the Holy spirit allows use to come into the place were Adam fell from.God's image, if this is where you are you will resemble the Son.The Bible teaches if you have the son the Father is there also.There for there will be fellowship.

Christ restores, David said, he restoreth my soul.

if restore than blessed


he blessed them.BLESSED by GOD!!!

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