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Summary: Today as we look at verses 13-29, we will see the great apostle Paul reminding us of who Christ is -- HE IS SAVIOR, CREATOR, GOD. And He is the CHURCH (Jesus Is Enough - part 2)

"His Lordship Is ENOUGH! HE"S Got It Covered..."

JESUS IS Enough - Part Two

Colossians 1:13-29

Question; How do you like going out to eat? I sure do? Not too long ago, I had the opportunity to eat at Checkers - not the hamburger stand; but the seafood restaurant...near Perimeter Mall.... When we drove up to the place - it was one of those places where they park your car...

I think we all were in shorts and sandals and we were the only ones in the restaurant with kids... We had a blast - the food was great! I had crab cakes... The menu said Maryland Crab Cakes - Now, I grew up in Maryland and haven’t lived their for 22 years... And I’ve been to a lot of places that say they have "Maryland Style" crab cakes... And they haven’t even come close. So I said to the waiter, "Hey, I’m from Maryland - best seafood around - are these really Maryland crab cakes..." He said (he was from Maryland too) - "no, but there pretty close..."

And they were pretty good - but their were just two... Now, when my mom makes them home made - I usually force myself to stop somewhere around at 4 or 5 of those bad boys. So though they were good at Checkers, they weren’t enough - they left me wanting more - in fact, we left from there a got a couple scoops of Rockey Road ice cream on the way home....

You know, most things in life are like that - though they may be good; they just aren’t enough to ‘really’ satisfy you. And you usually find yourself driving to someone pr someplace else to trying to get some more.

This is our second week in a study of the book of Colossians; a series we are calling; Jesus is Enough!!!! Do you believe that?

Listen; if you ‘really’ come and sit at His table.... You will find that Jesus is Enough!! He is more than enough!!!!

Last week talked about How His Grace Is Enough!!! His grace is enough to:

Free us from our sins

Rescue us from danger

Brush away our tears

Reconcile us to God

Remember I said last week; that Paul wrote the letter to the Colossians Christians to let them know that Jesus is enough... And the reason that he did that was because people in their time; like people in our time - were telling them that Jesus was NOT enough... They were telling them that they needed Jesus PLUS - something else....

These false teachers were threatening to destroy the church. They were teaching people that Christians can not be complete in Christ -- They were telling them that they needed more than Jesus.

And though they were not denying that Jesus had some importance, They were in reality; dethroning Him and denying His preeminence.

Things haven’t changed much in 2,000 years -- there are still many (J.W.; Judiasm, Islam, Mormons, New Age) there are still many groups who make the same core claims.... They say that Jesus was a great guy, an enlightened teacher who said many great things, some even admit that He was a prophet of God, but he was not, they categorically claim, God incarnate-- He was a good man - But still, just a man.

They put Jesus on the same level as Buddha, Mohammed, Michael the arch angel or a spiritual guide....

Paul, who at one time, denied CHRIST and fervently persecuted the Church -- but who had met the risen Lord on the road to Damascus, was now convinced beyond all doubt as to who Jesus is, AND PAUL with great boldness and clarity lets His readers know in no uncertain terms, that Jesus Christ is as he says in verse 18 of chapter one "SUPREME (PREEMINENT) IN ALL THINGS." He is LORD of all.

Today as we look at verses 13-29, we will see the great apostle Paul reminding us of who Christ is -- HE IS SAVIOR, CREATOR, GOD. And He is the CHURCH

CHRIST IS SAVIOR [1:13,14; 20 -23]

"For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins..." (13,14)

Mans greatest problem is that he is a sinner -- it is a problem that he can not solve himself, AND IT IS A Problem that can not be solved by some worldly philosophy, a religious teacher or Guru.

What man needs is a Savior... And Paul in these verses tells us about what Christ does for us, as our Savior... In verses 13 and 14 we see 3 saving acts of Christ vividly described.

Notice in these verses, that Paul uses the words "us and we" and not "you" -- this is because Paul, is talking about salvation experientially -- YOU SEE, he too has been saved by Christ.

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