Summary: I would like for you to look with me in this message at this the first name of ISAIAH 9:6, and let us see if He is worthy of this name.



I am not sure about you, but I was growing tired and weary over the past 9-months hearing about Prince William and the Duchess, Kate as they waited the arrival of their first child. Maybe it is because our cultures are so different that I was just not that interested and grew annoyed by all the months of reporting that took place.

When we think about it, isn’t that why we celebrated a few weeks ago in our country on what we call – Independence Day? It is commonly known as the Fourth of July - a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, declaring independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain.

We have a different culture and I understand and respect that fact. Yet, I was still a little tired of all the news coverage. Then after all of that, after Nine months of media coverage and speculation – you mean to tell me you still don’t have a name for the child. I had a few suggestions, but that is not important. After giving birth the Royal Couple returned home and the following day made the announcement that a Name of the baby had been reached. The baby, born on Monday to Global media frenzy and Third in line to the British Throne, will be known as HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS PRINCE GEORGE OF CAMBRIDGE.

Commonwealth monarchies and the United States led the international congratulations to Britain's Prince William and his wife Kate on the birth of their first baby whom they named GEORGE - A BOY DESTINED TO BECOME KING. News Papers from Scotland to the good ole' USA have plastered Prince William and Kate Middleton's and the baby All over the place. I give credit to ABC NEWS on Tuesday they aired photos of babies that parents around the nation sent in, clear indication that many of us were tired of it and felt our country should celebrate our babies born in our country on a daily basis.

The Royal Baby was given a Historically Significant name. More Kings have been named George than any other name. Over the years times have changed in many ways. In history names had a greater significance than they seem to today. In all areas of business, labor, the military nearly every person has had a Nick Name which often is closer to the real person, than their family name. Sometimes I wonder why we even name our children because they use the nickname all their lives.

• My brother Frank Jr., we call him JAY

• My grandson Bryan Jr., everyone calls him TUDA

• My baby sister Francine, mother often calls her BOO

• Mother is often call by AUNT SIS by her nieces and nephews

• Bishop Palmer refers to one his brothers by the name WOLF

• Have a Uncle Calvin we have always called him Uncle SPIKE

• Woman who waited on us at Restaurant said she was taking her family member Lumpy on vacation with her

• I am sure you have these same stories within your families as well

• Yes, names don’t have the same significance today as they did back in Antiquity

All of our family names have come from something that was important.

• Lawson – Scottish and English form of the Word or Occupation of LAW

• Weeden – Emigrated from England to Rhode Island

• Newman – Old English meaning New Comer

• McClanahan – Scottish and Irish Angelicized word meaning Son of the Saint

• Taylor – English meaning someone who sows and tailors clothing

• Palmer – English coming from Palm Tree

• Golden – Old English to Shine

• Faulkner – English word Falconer, one who trains Falcons

• Smith – Old English Word for someone who works with metal

• Howard – English Word for someone who protects the home

I did not come this morning to spend time talking about the New Princes of Cambridge or a History lesson for family names. I did not spend time preparing a message on this new Royal Addition in Britain that took way to look to select a name and all the months of speculation as to what the child would be named. I did not come to talk to you about the new Prince of Cambridge. I stopped by to talk to us this morning about the only Prince that is worth our Conversation – Love - Appreciation - Adoration – Prince of Peace. In the Bible there are 256 names given for the Lord Jesus Christ. Probably because that He is so infinitely more than any one name could ever express. I would like for you to look with me in this message at this the first name of ISAIAH 9:6, and let us see if He is worthy of this name.

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