Summary: The final test of Abraham’s faith with a burt offering sacrifice of his son Isaac.

“His Test, My Results”

Genesis 22: 1-18

Past History:

Abraham was 75 yrs. Old when God told him to go & claim the land he was promising to him, the land of Canaan. God instructed him that he was going to make Abraham a great nation, he would bless him, he would make his name be great, Abraham would be a blessing, he would bless others who would even bless Abraham. He would protect Abraham & God would hurt those who tried to hurt him. His final word that all people on earth would be blessed by Abraham. (Genesis Ch. 12)

Abraham set of with his family to the land. After arrival there he found the land to be in a drought and weird crooked, devilish people living on the land so he leaves the land & goes up to Egypt with his family and lives there for a while.

Abraham failed this test because he was scared of the dry land & the evil people so he flees.

Before Abraham reaches Egypt he instructs his wife that they must tell every one she is his sister because she is pretty and they will kill him and take her to do what ever they want with her.

Abraham failed again because he did not have faith that God would protect him and curse any who would cause harm to him. He lied about his wife & said she was his sister to save his on skin. (Genesis Ch. 12)

At age 85 Abraham gives up that God is going to bless him with a large family, God told him he would make him a great nation so Abraham was loving the fact that he would have lots of children to carry his name. Abraham went and slept with a maid servant who’s name was (Hagar) so he would at least have one child to call his own. (Genesis Ch. 16)

Again Abraham failed in faith that God would do as he told him he would.

At age 99 Abraham hears God confirm his original promise that he would bare him a child through Sarah at age 90, Abraham laugh’s in God’s face along with Sarah. (Genesis Ch. 17)

Abraham again failed the test by not trusting God could and would do as he said.


Now we come to a final test of Abraham, this test will make all the others seem like a walk in the park. This test will totally have faith, trust & belief in God.

Read Genesis Ch. 22: 1-18

Abraham now shows that he can stand any thing that God throws at him, God already new his heart as he planed for the sacrifice to already be tied on top of the hill. Abraham came to the point in his life that he new it was do or die. He has doubted God in the past & this time he must show God he trust him. Abraham move into the tunnel vision mode, he only sees straight ahead. It has taken him well over a 100 yrs to totally trust in God.

How did God test Abraham?

1- He tested Abraham’s Love: Verses 1-5

Abraham had to withstand a test that would rip the insides out of man. Something that man kind has a problem with letting go. Abraham had to distinguish whether he loved his son more than God or God more than his son. His love was being put to a test to show whether he would fail or prevail.

You never know when the test of love will placed upon you. Will you fail or prevail?

Example: A Caucasian American father has a little girl about the age of 10, she is so beautiful with her curly blond hair hanging below her shoulders. One day she becomes very ill and its determined she has got to have a heart transplant to survive. Days and days have gone by and there is no word of a heart to given to his little daughter.

Finally months has gone by and his little girl has become so week that she can not even hold up her head, the father is at his wits end and feeling so helpless as he slips into depression mode not wanting his daughter to die while he can do nothing. A few days later the doctor comes in and gives some good news. He tells the father that a little girl about the same age has died and her heart will fit right into place of his daughters, the father jumps with joy as he now will see his daughters life continue. The doctor tells the father there is something that he must tell him about the little girl that died.

The doctor explains to the man the little girl that died was not Caucasian but a Black girl an African. The father’s mind jumps into reverse mode, his mind keeps going back to when he was being raised by his parents. They would tell him, you can not hang out with those people, their skin is different color than yours, they are to stay to themselves and we are to say to our selves. The father had to make a quick decision, the heart could not stay packed on ice much longer. The father had to decide if his daughter would live or die, would his decision be made by the love of man or by the love of God.

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