Summary: This most important child ever born on this planet was named by his true Father in heaven. Gabriel came to Mary and said to her in Luke 1:31, "you will be with child and give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus."

Corrie Ten Boom is one of the best known names in the 20th century.

But many do not know that Corrie had more than one name. In 1977

a group of several hundred Christian Indians honored her in Flagstaff,

Arizona, by giving her an Indian name. Tom Claus, a

Mohawk and president of the group, made this presentation-

I want you to know that we accept you as an Indian; you are our

blood sister, and you are our spiritual sister in Jesus Christ.

When we bestow an Indian name, it is the highest honor we can

give. When your name was nominated to our CHIEF committee

thought that we would like to pick a name that is really meaningful to

you, Corrie.

We realize that in the past you have identified with the Jews in

their suffering-now you have identified with American Indians in

our plight. Even though you have been on the front line of battle and

have seen bloodshed and war, you have always been a demonstration

of God's love. That is why we give you the name Loma-Si, which

is Hopi for "beautiful flower," because you are one of God's beautiful

flowers. We do thank God for you.

Like many of the people of the Bible she received a new name of honor. Because names

have always been important to Indians they have left their mark on our culture. Over 20

states have Indian names. The great rivers like the Mississippi and Missouri and 4 out of 5

of the Great Lakes have Indian names. There are hundreds of cities and lakes and streams

all over our nation with Indian names. The poet has rightly said,

Ye say they all have passed away

That noble race and brave

That their light canoes have vanished

From off the crested wave.

That mid the forests where they roamed

Their rings no hunter's shout

But their name is on your waters

Ye may not wash it out.

Names play a major role in our history and our heritage as Americans. In 1507 a

German professor in a French college edited a map of the world. As he read up on the

discovery of the new world he found that much of it was explored by Americus Vespucci. He

said, "I do not see what hinders us from calling it America." He did so name it and the name

stuck. Professor David Muzzy in his American History writes, "so it came about that this

continent was named by a German professor, in a French college, for an Italian navigator in

the service of the King of Portugal."

Names have determined so much in our history and our environment but more important

yet they determine our destiny. God is a great lover of names and name giving. The book of

Revelation says, we will get new names in heaven. The Bible is full of genealogies which are

just lists of names. Many of them mean nothing to us but they were important to God and

His people. God gave the first man and woman their names and He gave the second Adam

His name as well. This most important child ever born on this planet was named by his true

Father in heaven. Gabriel came to Mary and said to her in Luke 1:31, "you will be with child and

give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus.' Later in a dream the

same message came to Joseph in Matt.1:21. The angel of the Lord said to him, "she will

bear a son, and you shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sin."

Like the spirit of the child, the name of the child also came from heaven. This name was so

important to God He made sure both of His earthly parents received a supernatural message

as to what they were to name Jesus.

This name is now the most celebrated name in history. Like the vast majority of babies

Jesus was born without fanfare or fame. There were no reporters and no headlines for

though all heaven rang as the angels sang, on earth there was barely a ripple. Everything is

different now,

There's no other name like that of Jesus,

There's none in all the world beside,

For there's no other name can give salvation,

In His love I will abide.

There are more songs on the name of Jesus than any other name-Jesus Is The Sweetest

Name I Know; Take The Name Of Jesus With You; There's Something About That Name

and His Name Is Wonderful, Just to mention a few that are well known.

The prophet Isaiah predicted that a child would be born in Israel who would acquire a

name for himself- a name above every name. If you like to know big names then you will

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