Summary: God’s wrath is real! I know we do not like to talk about it but it is real!

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Romans 1:18-32

Getting on the Same Page as God about His Wrath


A. Ohh boy, this should be a fun one

B. I like to preach about God’s love, God’s Power, God’s Forgiveness

C. Those topics are enjoyable to preach on

D. When you are studying a book of the Bible, in our case Romans, you have to preach on what the books says

E. Some days that is no problem

F. But then you get to our passage today

G. You can not skip the passage, you can not sugar coat it, you have to hit it straight on

H. So with that in mind if you have a problem with what we are talking about, hey don’t blame me, God inspired Paul to write it!

I. Today we are going to look at 3 reasons we will face God’s Wrath

a. Failure to respond to the light

b. Failure to believe in the light

c. Failure to live in the light

I. Failure to Respond to the Light (18-20)

A. Explanation

1. We are now in the fall season

2. It is very nice outside, you feel that crisp cool air

3. Soon the leaves will be turning very lovely shades

4. And you will be driving and look off to the side and say something like “Isn’t God great”

5. Now why do you naturally start thinking about God at the moment?

6. Because He created the beauty that you are enjoying

7. If you were to go to a museum of art and look at the painting you would look at them and say that is nice, but when you look at God’s creation, you just say wow

8. This world that we live in is a constant reminder of God.

9. Everything in this world was made by God

10. We know that God is God because we can see His work

B. Application

1. Now what does that mean for us?

2. It means that men are without excuse

3. Excuse for what?

4. Excuse for not following God

5. When we sin, and we all sin, we are not following God

6. When we do not follow God, because of God’s holiness, there can not be sin in heaven

7. Because God is Justice – Justice means receiving what we deserve,

8. We all will face the Wrath of God

9. You can not use the excuse, “I didn’t know the rules, I am new here”

C. Illustration

1. When Phil and I were growing up and Mahaffey we had a little run in with the Mahaffey Security. Like normal boys we did not want to get in trouble so we told the security guy, “We’re new here, we didn’t know the rules” Well of course the guy knew my dad and knew that we were not so new and that we did now the rules, well to make a long story short we Got in trouble

2. To say that “We did not know the rules” or better put “no one ever told me about God” is an invalid response

3. God reveals Himself. If we do not respond to God, as much as I wish it were not true, we will face the wrath of God

II. Failure to Believe in the Light (21-25)

A. Explanation

1. Since we established that fact that God has made Himself known

2. What happens to the person that rejects Him, that refuses Him?

3. Vs. 21 – 24 gives us a description of what these people are like

4. Paul tells us that these people are in it for themselves

5. This is the type of person that probably does not fit in the category “atheist”

6. Probably would be better of be called a “apathic” They just don’t care, it means nothing to them, which by the way I would say represents a very high population here in America

7. So what does Paul say will happen to them?

8. Look at 24 and 25, God lets them do it.

9. Now it does not say God turns His back and doesn’t watch what they will do

10. There will have to pay because

11. Justice demands payment

B. Application

1. What does that mean in our lives?

2. Most people that we meet are not atheist we have to get that straight in our head

3. Most people are apathics they just don’t care. That is the sad reality of it.

4. So they will go off, do whatever they want

5. And it will seem like there are having a good time

6. It will seem like the “enjoying the pleasures of the world”

7. But it will all come crashing down

8. Sooner of later everyone will come to recognize God’s justice

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