Summary: The first two points to our six point series, covering the Creation and Dinosaurs, the second topic being one, few pastors touch upon.


Our sermon today is titled ‘History 101’ and it is the first part of our new three-part series titled ‘Back-to-School.’

In colleges throughout our nation in past weeks, as well as in elementary, middle- and high-schools, our youth have had their heads filled with so many deceptions…

All of which, are intended to lead them away from what is TRUE.

They are slowly adopting a world-view presented to them by our education system, that is demonstratively UNTRUE yet for the most part unchallenged… that is up until now!

I am soliciting each one of you, to challenge the status quo… to take back our youth… to take back our Nation!

Why are things getting so bad, some may ask? Because this is all driven by Satan and his mission is to destroy us… flat and simple… no ‘and’s if’s or buts’… end of conversation.

From the time our children were small, they have been introduced to what is called ‘The Old Earth’ theory. It is all designed to fit nicely in with their other much larger and much more devastating ‘Theory of Evolution.’

Notice the word ‘Theory’… It’s all conjecture... They want us to believe that the ape is our ancestor. That is why they have always worked on the youth… counting on their naivety.


So how did we get here? My answer is slowly and gradually. It reminds me of the old adage ‘How to cook a frog.’ Or ‘How to eat an elephant’… slowly and one piece at a time.

In my mind… It all started with yours and my generation. We sat by and watched as they removed God from our schools and just about everywhere else.

I am as much to blame as anyone else.

I took little interest in what was happening in my children’s school when they were growing up.

I wasn’t active enough in our government either… many times not even voting or if I did, it was straight down party lines… Never really caring about who I was voting for or what his or her principles were.

I never once attended a PTA meeting, for I was far too busy!

What a shame!

So, the first thing we need to do is recognize that we indeed have a problem and the problem is ours to solve with the help of our God Almighty.

AA would tell you that this first step is the most vital… Admitting that you indeed have a problem… else it will continue to fester.

So, as a society… or better yet… as a church… what can we do to ‘stem the tide?’

I have concentrated or percolated… if you will… it all down to six major points that we need to address with our youth… and it all starts with us!

They are:









Dr. Jeremiah stated that unlike it was in the 18th and 19th centuries, where 9 out of 10 young people knew of and believed strongly in GOD, it was NOT much of a stretch to talk about His Son Jesus as our ancestors tried to guide them to salvation.

But in this century, many of our young people and as well as our so-called millennials… do not know GOD or believe that He exists.

That makes it difficult to get them interested in the Son of God with no GOD as a basis or starting point.

So, we need to ratchet back… we need to in the beginning… we need to start with GOD… and you know… that‘s a great place to start!

We’ll cover a couple of important topics as it relates to GOD, and only a couple, due to time constraints.

We could talk about GOD for hours and hours!

But… you are probably wondering… why is Dinosaurs #2 and/or why do we need to address it at all. The reason is this… Dinosaurs and how we Christians approach them… is one of the major causes for our youth… as well as nonbelievers… to distrust us.

As an example, how do you think it goes over with the them, when we tell them that ‘there is no such thing as a dinosaur’… yet in their classrooms and in their textbooks… they are reading and viewing much about them…

Including the vast number of skeletal remains (fossils) that have been excavated and are now hanging in museums in all of the major cities of the world.

We don’t have to be dinosaur experts, but we need to know enough so that we can discuss the subject with them while steering them back to God.

That’s exactly why I am addressing this with you. We cannot continue to ignore the problem.

Closely related to dinosaurs and the problems that stem from that topic is the ‘Great Flood’…

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