Summary: If you're willing to hold on to Jesus, your life will change.

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Read: 2king 8:7- 12

Saints, our enemy wants to set our strong holds on fire, a discourager: don’t let go of Jesus

The wealth over nations, Sardis had it… Hold on

Way down in the valley, I heard a great noise, a mountain, and it was having an eruption

It is so loud. Until it could be a different drummer, earshot, a sense of hearing, a try out, he knows it.

God knows the right beat to capture his attention

When I think about danger, I think about the pressure that is underneath Hazel, and all the capabilities that he has of wiping out colonies of people. It has happen before, and it will happen again

Hold on, to his faith, the capital of Lydia; their economy is at a decrease

No matter how fast, we put our hand on the starter, and our feet on the gas, the dispossession is catastrophic. People are running from the truth; so that they want have to fear the future

Where are you going to hide in the safest locking up, a tenacity in a commercial town, want even be enough

Ben-ha-dad is sick, as well as he’s about to die, and it was told him that a man of God was in Damascus verse 7

Elisha took the bribe, and it was ok with the Lord,

The bribe was that God told the man of God, a living word that Ben-ha-dad was going to die, and not recover, but Elisha sends word to Damascus that he would recover

When Elisha tells Hazel the truth, the pressure underneath his feet erupted; the countenance on his face felled

When I was in my early twenties, I was led by the spirit into the wilderness. Everybody that I came in contact with, I told them the same thing, I said “It’s not by chance that we meet today” God has a word for you, but I took the bribe. Instead of telling them you gone die if you stay in that position; I told them all their sickness and diseases are healed. Folks are running around looking for a word from the Lord; I did it for a little while.

Since I see why it is so important to maintain a personal relationship with the Lord, I take loneness, as a opportunity to talk to the Lord. Whereas everybody has left, and gone their separate ways, you cannot let God down by trusting him

When we are alone, that’s the time to fear the Lord, because he can do you like no other can. Being alone is dangerous for a backslider, a disobedient child, because you never know what little thing to hold on too with a strong citadel.

That little thing might be you, because you gave your life, so the many of them gave their to Jesus too

To do good for God is not in vain, a waste or erosion. Although you’re losing things, and life don’t seem to be dealing out a fair hand, you got to continue to walk in love, not the love of the world, but the love of God

Get you a toehold, a bear hug, an iron grip on Jesus and don’t let go

Hold on, when you want resignation about Godliness

Hold on, when you want to surrender

Hold on; when you’re thinking about letting go

Hold on, when you done built up on his faith, and your weakness causing disposal

Hold on, when you’re wearing away

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