Summary: A sermon directing others to keep punishing forward. and just hold on to the promises of God

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Hold on Help is on the way.

1 Samuel 11

And they said unto the messengers that came, Thus shall you say unto the men of Jabeshgilead, Tomorrow, by that time the sun is hot, you shall have help. And the messengers came and showed it to the men of Jabesh; and they were glad.

Most people that know us would assumed that we have it all together, in face many if you asked some of your friend and relatives to be honest and tell you where on a scale of 1 to 10 do they believe you fit in many would give you a score of eight or higher. If you asked them to asset you finically, spiritually, socially, and physically most if not all would rate you higher then you would rate yourselves.

Because if I could get you just to honest with yourself you would have to admit that you’re in a fight for your life. If I could just get you to be transparent most of you would make it known that the devil has given you an ultimatum that you are really considering taking him up on.

That married man or woman whispering you ought to be tried of being alone.

Those debts sayings just get it and make the minimum payment

That so call friend saying everybody is doing it.

That fornication telling you every body won’t any body knows.

That drug saying you won’t get hooked.

Beloved these are just a few of the ultimatums that keep slapping us in the face but I came here to serve notice to you and the devil that if you just hold on help is on the way.

There are times when all of us in the church feel like we just can’t take another day of sorrow, there are times when we all want to throw in the towel. I recently learned last week of a person who I considered to be a friend from the police department in Savannah that he took his life and I had to try to theorized what could be so bad that would drive that brother to do that. Of all the people that I worked with when I was an officer this was the one person who I trusted with my secrets. And to know that he served for over twenty years and had no one that he could go to makes me wonder how effective are we as a church body.

Are we the church that continues to put mascara over our wounds?

Are the church that refused to offer real answers to a dying world

Are we the church that cone into the building and have a H/G with no effect

Are we the church that is simply serving ourselves?

Are we that church that no longer testifies of God Mercies?

Have we become that church that has no power?

Beloved I believe that this sermon will revive us and get us back to out purpose as well as our first love. It’s a sermon for you and that that was ordained to remind us that we are not alone. You see when one feels alone then one operates and makes decision with out much thought to the repercussions.

Now lets me clear from the bishop to the Sunday school there are times that we feel that we are alone.

In our reading today we find the children of Israel who had it going on in the beginning. They were promised by God himself that if they would serve him and him only he would continue to bless them and provide for them, God lead them with judges who would lead them from victory to victory, Judges who would help them with the difficult decision that had to be made. But for the life of me the children of Israel they wanted to be like all of the other nations around them, all the other nations had a king so they to wanted a king.

Stop trying to keep up with the Jones’s even though they look good you don’t know the hell that they are going through. You see they have problems too they just hide it better then you, when they get ready to come outside the house they okay now the neighbors will be watching, they say stuff like honey and sugar, and darling while you refused to even look at your partner

If we really to a deep look at the children of Israel how God dealt with them then we can see where we are heading as a New Testament church and how God will deal with us. The children of Israel got in trouble because they wanted to be like every body else.

So here we hear Samuel crying to God In 1 Samuel 10 saying they the people have rejected me but God makes it known to Samuel it’s not you who they are rejecting they are rejecting me.

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