Summary: Joy comes from knowing God's Word.

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August 28, 2011

Morning Worship

Text: Hebrews 10:32-29

Subject: Trusting God’s Word

Title: Holding On to the Joy You Have

Have you ever had anything stolen? Isn’t it a terrible feeling to think that something you once had and maybe even cherished was taken from you? And maybe you even know who it was but you couldn’t prove it so there is nothing you can legally do about it.

My Mom and Step-dad owned a little country store. Their house was beside the store and my folks were continually worried that someone was going to break in and rob them. I want you to understand this, there probably was sufficient reason for them to be concerned. One of the little towns near where they lived had become run down and was basically being taken over by drug users and dealers. Here is what happened one night with them. It was in the fall of the year when, in the middle of the night the alarm went off in the house, indicating that someone was in the store. My Mom and Step-dad went around to the front of the store and found a window that had been broken. That was the point of entry. He looked in the window and saw three young men. And they thought they recognized one of the boys. At that point Mom went to the house and called the Sheriff. During the time that Mom was inside two of the boys saw my step-dad with his .410 shotgun and went out the back window and got away. The third boy was taking the cash register drawer when my step-dad told him to stop or he would shoot. With that the boy dropped the drawer, ran to the back of the store and dove out the same window the other boys escaped from. My step –dad ran around the outside to the back of the store and saw the last boy running across the yard when he fired a shot at his back. I will say this much; it’s a good thing it was in the fall of the year and that boy was wearing insulated coveralls because when the shot hit him at about 35 yards out – well, let me say this much – it got his attention. Later my step-dad would laugh about it saying that after he shot that boy’s feet found another gear. The deputy sheriff was pulling up into the driveway about the time all this was going on, but those three boys were never caught. Even though they thought they knew who one of the boys was, there was never enough proof to do anything about it. My brother Ray told me the other day that he had run into someone who worked with the Troy police department about that time and that the sheriff’s department knew who it was because one of the boys had to have some .410 shot pulled from his backside.

Now I told you that story for a purpose. We have an enemy who the bible says in John 10:10 comes only to steal, kill and destroy… his name is satan. We know who our enemy is and what he wants to do. However, unlike my Mom and step-dad, who knew who tried to rob them, and didn’t have the authority to do any more than what they had done, we have the authority, as blood bought believers, to stand against the devil to keep him from taking what is legally ours.

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