Summary: Churches need to start ministering to the home. Satan is trying to destroy it and we are not focusing on how to keep our families together.


Ephesians 5:21

God plainly ordained everything that He placed in this world from the very beginning.

But out of everything that He created in Genesis 1, there was one creation that God said was not good.

v. 3 – God created light

v.4 – God saw light that it was good

v. 6 – God created expanse of heaven, earth and the sea

v.10 – God saw it was good

v. 11 – God created vegetation (fruit, trees, seed)

v. 12 – God saw that it was good

v. 14 – God created the sun, moon and stars

v. 18 – God saw that it was good

v. 20 – God created sea animals and the birds of the air

v. 21 – God saw that it was good

v. 24 – God created animals on the earth

v. 25 – God saw that it was good

v. 27 – God created man in His own image

v. 31 – God said it was very good

So what is left?

What is that God created that was not good?

v. 18 – It is not good for man to be left alone.

Out of everything that had been created

Out of all the new things Adam had to enjoy

Out of all the animals he was created to name

God said it was not good for him to be alone.

Right then, God ordained the family.

But what God put together, the enemy is trying to tear apart. Satan knows that there is one thing that can tear up a mother or father and that is to mess with the family.

How does he do this?

With the “D” word – Divorce

1970 – 4.3 million divorces filed

1990 – 15.1 million

God instituted the “family” to oversee the earth. The family was to be the guide by which we live and operate.

Satan has got in between our families and has caused havoc, which has caused many more problems.

I am not going into the subject matter of divorce. But tonight I want us to focus on the H.O.M.E.

What can we do to keep our homes together?

What can we do to keep our families together?

What can we do to keep harmony in our marriages?

What can we do to cut down on the fighting?

Whatever problems you are facing go back to your home life.

· What is taking place in your home that is causing problems with you and your spouse.

· What is taking place in your home that is causing problems with your kids; causing them to run away

Can I say the first thing we have to do is put God back in control of our Homes?

A shift has taken place and we have let God be God

In our churches

In our Christian walk at work or school

In our phone conversations with friends

But we have allowed God to be replaced when it comes to our homes. When it comes to our home life, God is not in control.

My prayer, is that this church will become a haven of security and help for those who experience a break down in the home.

Why? Divorce creates more issues and needs.

Are we meeting those needs as a church?

Divorce causes:

· Single parents – moms now providing

· Blended Families

Stepfamilies are increasing 1300 per day

· Lack of male or female models for the kids

· The kids to have to choose between mom/dad

So many issues! So many Needs!

How do we help these people who are currently in our church?

We need to reach out to:

· The single mom or dad raising a family on their own

· The blended family who are battling step-child issues

· Those couples who are just about ready to give up on their marriage

How do we do that?

1. We show that we care – Divorce does not equal hell.

God has is thoughts and his commands on divorce and how to handle it. But this does not mean that your life has ended. God is not finished with you just because you have been through a divorce.

2. We provide a safe place to learn –

Let’s give them a loving atmosphere and classes that can teach them how to move forward with their lives. Show them there is life after divorce.

3. Let’s take that couple that is about to give up and offer support through prayer, counseling and with encouraging words. We work to let God save their souls why not work with them and allow God to save their marriage?

How can I have a H.O.M.E. that is not only pleasing to God but that will keep me out of divorce court?

Let’s take the word HOME as an acronym and let’s see from God’s word how He encourages us to have a home that’s is not in a wreck but in harmony.

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