Summary: I’m going to say something that may shock you out of your socks: Jesus had to deal with homosexual temptation. How I can say that? It’s simple. Jesus dealt with EVERY kind of temptation.

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Open your Bibles to Romans 1:18. Today I am going to address the issue of homosexuality. After I preached this in the last two services, I was amazed at how quiet everyone has been. They have really been listening. Also, people really don’t know what to say when they leave the service, because it is certainly not appropriate to say, “I enjoyed that.” But maybe if you agree with it, you can say, “That was the truth.” Thank you for standing for the truth.

Preachers can face two different temptations when it comes to preaching about issues like this. Number one, some are issue-oriented and they will pull out a soapbox and stand up and rant and rave against moral sins in America in any and every occasion. There are some who think that is what I should do. But I think that is the wrong approach.

The other temptation, on the other extreme, is as people are preaching through the Bible, when they come to passages of scripture like we are going to look at today; there is a temptation to just skip it. I call that “kangarooics of Jesus” where you just kind of hop over it and just mumble and keep going. Well, I’m not going to succumb to that temptation either. For those of you who have been around for a while, you know I preach the Bible verse after verse after verse. This is one of the reasons I do it, because in God’s timing and in God’s plan, we come naturally to this passage of scripture. I’m not picking on anyone; I’m just following the Word of God.

Now today, the question I want to ask you is this: Homosexuality: Is it a lifestyle or is it a deathstyle? It is a hot topic in America today. It is one of the two greatest social issues facing us as Americans. As we move into the 21st century, should the Lord tarry, I think probably the next civil war fought in America, not fought with guns and bullets, but fought with editorials and laws, will be the fight over abortion and acceptance of homosexuality. Today I am going to address one of those.

Many of you are aware many of our television shows are used as a platform to teach a certain view of homosexuality. For instance, in the sitcom “Ellen,” the character Ellen not only announced she was a lesbian but also revealed the person playing the role was a lesbian in real life as well. 36 million Americans watched that show when she “came out of the closet.” What’s the rest of the story? As many of you know, ABC canceled the show. TV Guide printed an article written by television critic Matt Rouche, obviously not a Christian, who wrote:

“This week’s all-star finale is billed as a Hollywood tribute to Ellen. As fate would have it, however, the hour-long extravaganza comes across more like a wake than a tribute. ABC announced what just about everybody knew Ellen was Hollywood history, canceled as a result of steadily declining ratings amid perceptions that viewers had grown disenchanted with the show’s focus on life as a lesbian.

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