Summary: When we we are lost or confused on our life’s journey, we can check the MAPS to find our way back to the straight and narrow path.

“Honey, Please Follow the Map!”

John 11:25-26

Ladies, do these words sound familiar? Have you ever been traveling and you’ve lost your way, and the only solution was to consult the map? Well, we are like this in our spiritual lives aren’t we? We know where we want to go, but somewhere along the way, we’ve decided to take a short cut—perhaps it is one that we’ve heard others using, but all it did for us was get us confused. There are many distractions along our journey, but there is only one way to remain on the right path. Jesus, in this “I AM” passage, gives us the M. A. P. S. for us to consult when we’ve lost our way, or when we need to find the straight and narrow path for the first time.

The first thing we must do is MEET Jesus as we journey along the road of life. (John 11:20)

The second thing we must do is ACCEPT as true the “Way” that Jesus teaches. (John 11:27a)

The third thing we must do is PROFESS that Jesus is who He says He is. (John 11:27b)

The fourth thing we must do is SUBMIT to the Lordship of Jesus, the KING of kings and LORD of lords. (John 11:39-41a)

Are you lost or just confused about who you are and where your life is headed? Jesus is like the hitch-hiker on the interstate and He is headed in your direction. Will you let Him into your life? You don’t have to be afraid. The only thing Jesus wants from you is your heart. Will you surrender it to Him this morning?

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