Summary: This is a sermon just for kids, teaching them in different ways about Obedience and Honor.

Honor and Obedience

Pastor Glenn Newton (Kids Sermon) 5-30-04

Greet the Kids.... This morning we are going to have a good time learning about what

God has said.... How many of you know that God can talk to us?

Today we are going to focus and learn about two words that God has given to us... If you

will listen and learn what these two words mean.... Next Sunday during Sunday School, if

you can tell your teacher what these two words are that we are going to learn about

today.... they will have a small prize for you.... so let’s listen really good.

Object Lesson #1 “Quick Change” Listen to God you whole Life.

Say, Sometimes you might think that only grown ups need to listen to God. But

God wants everyone -- for their whole lives -- to listen to Him. When you listen to

someone, it’s important to pay careful attention to what the person says and does.

Let’s find out how good we are at paying attention.

1. Look at me for 10 seconds, pay attention to how I am dressed.

2. Close your eyes...... ( change one thing)

3. Ask the children to carefully look at you again, and raise your hand if you know

what change I made to how I look..... remember to talk about how they are paying

careful attention.

The Bible says, “Listen carefully to the voice of the Lord your God and do what is right in

his eyes.” Exodus 15:26

What does this verse say about listening and paying careful attention?

say, Listening to God’s voice helps us know how to love and obey Him. We can listen to

God’s voice as we read and hear Bible stories and as we pray to Him.

So... Are your ready to Listen? Are you going to pay careful Attention? Good. Now I’m

going to tell you our Two Words that we are going to Learn about Today... Are You


The First Word Is “Honor”. On the count of three let’s say the word Honor real loud...

One, Two, Three... Honor.

The Bible tells us in the 10 Commandments, in fact it’s the 5th commandment..... “Honor

your Father and you Mother.”

What do you think it means to Honor our your Father and Mother? Anybody


(Show Big Overhead with missing Words)

Ways to Honor Our Parents...

_ _ _ _ your Parents, even when they are not looking.

_ _ _ _ _ politely to your Parents.

_ _ _ _ _ _ to what your Parents say.

Say _ _ _ _ things about your Parents to others.

_ _ _ _ _ from your Parents.

_ _ _ _ your Parents cheerfully.

_ _ _ _ for your Parents.

Do _ _ _ _ things for your Parents.

Tell your Parents that you _ _ _ _ them.

Give them the handout....... I am going to give you 9 ways to Honor your Mom and

Dad... But you are going to have to help me.... Can you help me?

We are missing some words, so If you think you know the answer... I want you to

raise your hand really high, without talking and I will call on you.

1. Obey

2. Speak politely

3. Listen

4. Say good things

5. Learn

6. Help



9. Love

Remember..... these are 9 ways to Honor your Parents.... Let’s read these together

out loud.... can you read with me?

We’ve learned about Honor... Now we are going to learn about our second word.... Obey.

To learn about our second Word...

We are going to learn about Obeying our parents... in this little video clip.... I want

you to watch and see if our little character obeys his Dad or not. (Finding Nemo, over the

edge scene when he gets caught)

Did Nemo obey his dad?

What happened because of it?

OK, we are going to need to go to a special place for our Bible story... do you want to go

to a special place?

We are going to go to a secret Hideout... How many of you like to find secret hideouts?

Well, we are going to learn this morning about someone who liked hideouts too, and he

also knew how to Obey His Parents...... Are you ready to find our Cave? We are going to

go to the Caves of Adullum.... when your in this cave you have to be queit, because it’s

our secret place to go and learn, and if your loud and talking then we can’t learn, and

somebody might hear us..... Are you ready?

(Move to Cave) - We had a couple big blankets and attatched them to a wall and

made a makeshift cave

I’m going to read you a story.... You need to listen carefully.... Listen to how David was a

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