Summary: This is the introductory sermon in a series on the names of God.

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Hello I Love Let Me Tell You My Name

Psalm 145

Intro: Do you remember the struggle to name your children? Meg and I spent hours praying and considering the names we wanted for our children. We looked through name books, websites, and family trees. Did we want to use family names, Biblical names, or names w/ meaning?

Trans: Why all the hassle? B/c a person’s name is important.

Song: Johnny Cash “cashed” in on this idea in the song “A Boy Named Sue.” In the song an absentee father named his son “Sue” so that he’d learn to defend himself.

Trans: Names are important b/c they identify who we are. The first question we usually ask when we meet new people is, “What is your name?” Truth is, most of us will respond to many different names.

Insert: In some contexts, I’m Pastor Joey or soon to be Dr. Rodgers. My wife calls me honey, and my children call me daddy. Whenever my mom called out Joseph Italo Rodgers, I knew my name was mud. When I was ordained and my sister asked if she was to call me Rev. – I told her that she could call me the most, high right reverend humble servant of God.

My name means something to everyone – some good and some bad, but to my grandparents it means heritage as I was named after both of them.

Trans: Truth is, the title doesn’t matter as I’ve been called many things, what matters is that along w/ your name is a connotation of your character.

Insert: Just last night I was reading to my children about Jacob – the son of Isaac who deceived his brother out of his birthright. Jacob means “deceiver”, yet after his encounter w/ the angel of the Lord, his name was changed to Israel, the “one who wrestled w/ God”. In biblical times, a person’s name was their banner or calling card. Thus, throughout the Bible we find the names of people synonymous w/ their identity. If I say Nimrod, Jezebel, or Judas, you have a different response then if I say the name David, Daniel, or Ruth.

Trans: When it comes to the God – His name is more than a title, it is a statement of His personhood and character – a revelation of His being. Through out the Bible, God uses many names in many situations to revel Himself to us that we might know and trust Him.

Trans: This AM we are going to embark on a study of the names of God to discover who He is and who He has promised to be in our lives. Today I want to give you an understanding of why we need to know God’s name.

Text: Ps. 145


A We are COMMANDED to Honor His Name

Verse: You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain. Ex. 20:7

Note: God gave 10 Commandments and one of them included His name. This verse includes more that not using His name in a cussing tirade – instead it means to revere and honor His name – to show respect.

Note: If you reverse the concept from a negative to a positive command it would say – Take God’s and name honor it. As Christians, we’re to honor His name in every aspect of our lives and our speech. We bear His name.

Insert: Ken Hemphill Story of going to College (read excerpt)

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