Summary: Hope is belief in what we do not see, faith is having hope.

“Faith is to believe what we do not see and the reward of faith is to see what we believe.”

What does it mean to see what we believe? We see our belief daily in the faces of others. The smiles of strangers the successes of our loved ones the peace in our families, the community of our church families. God is here with us … living amongst us.

How “faithful” are we and how are we “faithful”? Faithful is when we are true to our word or promise, steady in allegiance or affection; loyal; constant; reliable, trusted or believed.

Hebrews 11 verses 1 – 2

“To have faith is to be sure of the things we hope for, to be certain of the things we cannot see.” It is by their faith that people win and go forward … If we don’t have faith what do we have? Faith gives us reason to keep on living…

Read the story of Faith from Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul.

The umbrella, of course, was a symbol of faith that it was going to actually rain. A reminder to us in order to show faith we must be faithful. This young boy shows us with his simplicity how faith is projected into our world. In Hebrews 11 8 – 16 we hear about the faith of the people who moved to a new land. Stepped out of their comfort zone and on a promise from God made their way. So today we need to identify where we are faithful and how we can recognize the faithfulness of our journey.

A young woman alone in a big city. Her life was not going in the right direction and she was lost. Emotionally lost and spiraling downward into an abyss of darkness. Her faith was weak, mostly because she had none, she had not thought about or found God to be of any significance in her life because she had not paid any heed to God’s presence.

One particular night she was alone and depressed. Life seemed to have no meaning and no future … she was severely drinking and had been fighting an addiction and this particular night she felt very alone. As she was driving in her car she had an overwhelming urge to drive off into darkness and never to be found again. She stopped and was crying and crying… she shouted into the darkness please find me and take care of me. It was with this final thought that she was directed back to a place where she called a friend to come and get her. They took her home and cuddled her into a bed where she was warm and safe and cared for. She slept. Upon awakening the next day her renewed sense of life was good. She felt like she had overcome whatever demons were plaguing her by having the faith to ask for help, and help was provided.

Our faith is our anchor. With faith we can accomplish any task in life. God is within us holding this faith for us to draw on. Faithfulness is a means of blindly walking forward each day knowing that with God each day will be better and better. Faith keeps us looking to the horizon at the edge of the sky and the land …. Knowing that each step we take will be one of conviction and strength because we are faithful to ourselves and God. Luke 12 tells us to be watchful servants … verse 35 “Be ready for whatever comes, dressed for action and with our lamps lit…” being faithful knowing each moment is a moment we can be closer to God and be watchful servants.

I presented the eulogy at my father’s funeral two years ago this month. It was a gift and a privilege to speak about him at our celebration of his life. He was a “faithful servant” he always was prepared and ready for the day when he would go from this world and move on to eternity. He was the gift of hope and faith to anyone and everyone who would listen. Romans 8 Verse 24/25 is a verse I quoted at his funeral and enjoy and keep close to my heart … “For it is by hope that we are saved; but if we see what we hope for, then it is not really hope, for who hopes for something they see? But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.”

Having hope and having faith are two of God’s gifts. Hope provides purpose and well being and faith gives us the strength to keep hoping, which makes us optimistic and loving. Faith is enduring. Isaiah 7 verse 9 says “If your faith is not enduring, you will not endure.” God’s promise to us if we continue to endure and continue to carry on God will provide for our needs.

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