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Mark 5:24-34

I. Intro

A. I want to talk to you about HOPE this morning.

1. I want to talk to you about the DESIRE for something more.

2. I want to talk to you about ANTICIPATING better things in the future.

3. I want to talk to you about EXPECTING your life to get better.

B. We're going to talk about HOPE through the framework of God's Word, the Bible.

1. And we're going to try to do that through the eyes of one anonymous woman in the Bible.

2. Turn in your Bibles to MARK 5:24-34.

Mark 5 : 24-34

24 And [Jesus] went with him; and much people followed him, and thronged him.

25 And a certain woman, which had an issue of blood twelve years,

26 And had suffered many things of many physicians, and had spent all that she had, and was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse,

27 When she had heard of Jesus, came in the press behind, and touched his garment. 28 For she said, If I may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole.

29 And straightway the fountain of her blood was dried up; and she felt in [her] body that she was healed of that plague.

30 And Jesus, immediately knowing in himself that virtue had gone out of him, turned him about in the press, and said, Who touched my clothes?

31 And his disciples said unto him, Thou seest the multitude thronging thee, and sayest thou, Who touched me?

32 And he looked round about to see her that had done this thing.

33 But the woman fearing and trembling, knowing what was done in her, came and fell down before him, and told him all the truth.

34 And he said unto her, Daughter, thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace, and be whole of thy plague.

II. Let's talk about this woman.

A. She seems to be in a very hopeless situation.

1. Verse 25 tells us she was suffering.

2. She had been bleeding for twelve years.

3. Verse 26 gives us more details of this woman's sufferings.

4. She went to all the doctors she could find.

5. And the doctors had just added to her sufferings.

6. She had spent every dime she had to find some “relief.

7. She was broke.

8. And now she was even worse than she had ever been.

9. Her situation appeared to be totally hopeless.

B. Do you feel like you're in a hopeless situation today?

1. Maybe you're in a situation like this woman.

2. Maybe you're hopeless about MEDICAL PROBLEMS.

3. Maybe you're hopeless about YOUR JOB OR BUSINESS.

4. Maybe you're hopeless about YOUR FAMILY.

5. Maybe it's JUST LIFE.

6. Does everything about your life seem hopeless?

7. Just hang on, we're going to get to the rest of the story.

III. But first this women had one more obstacle to get through: THE CROWD.

A. In this story, the crowd is mentioned five times. I think God wanted us to catch that.

1. THE CROWD was a problem for this woman.

a.If THE CROWD knew this woman, she was probably shunned.

b. According to the Law, she was unclean, an outcast.

c. Nobody was to have any contact with this woman.

d. THE CROWD would have looked down on her.”

“2. THE CROWD maybe just didn't notice her

a. They didn't notice her because they were too busy trying to get themselves closer.

3. THE CROWD included the disciples.

a. Even the followers of Christ stood between this woman and Jesus.

(Maybe your obstacles are like that of this woman maybe they are something totally different from this woman but whatever obstacles you might have just hold on Jesus is on the way)

B. I want to talk to THE CROWD for just a minute.

1. There are a lot of hopeless people around us everyday.

2. There are probably a lot of hopeless people in this room with us today.

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