Summary: A dramatic Series on Hope, Faith, and Love

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Today we will continue our Faith, Hope and Love series. Last week we touched on Faith and today we shall go into Hope. We will be making some references back to Faith because without it you cannot have hope.

Hope – n. – Favorable and confident expectation (Romans 8:24-25)

Hope – v. – To hope, to know it is expected (John 5:45)

Elpis (n), Elpizo (v), Proelipzo (to hope for), Apelizo (to hope from)

It is a constant expectation of an unseen reality. What is an unseen reality? Well air is an unseen reality and yet we all know its there. We breathe it to survive here on this earth. God is an unseen reality. Just look around He created this planet and the universe of which we are set in.

We are saved b y Faith but our hope of the return of Christ in all His glory and our complete deliverance from our sinful nature. With faith comes hope of Jesus’ return to us so He can advocate for us to the Father so we may clam our place in heaven with Him at his side. It is a very big desire that we know it is there.

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These are some ways we can remember how important hope is. It is easy because we have faith in Him and then we have the hope of His return to us. Now remember hope is the favorable and confident expectation.

Ok lets look at Titus 1:2-3 “in hope of eternal life which God who cannot lie promised before time began but has in due time manifested His Word through preaching, which was committed to me according to the commandment of God our Savior.”

Now lets look at this for a second. He promised us a Savior, which was Jesus, His word became flesh and preached the Gospel for all to hear. God cannot lie. If He says it shall happen and I am willing to bet that it will happen. The “Confident Expectation”

Sow why is it so hard to have hope or even keep hope in the return of Christ? I can’t see why because the proof is in the Word and the Hope is that it will come to Pass. Plus you cannot ignore the proof all around us with the predictions that the bible says will happen and look it already is happening.

People should not ever have faith and hope in one preacher or teacher or messenger. Their faith and hope should be in the message. The Word of God.

That alone is the foundation and building blocks of your new life in Christ. I mean how many people concentrate on the wrapping of the gift or the envelope of the letter of which it comes in. Well its there so don’t hope it arrived or how it was delivered here. Have hope in the content of the message.

In closing, keep your faith in Jesus and your hope in His return will be strong and remember hope is the Confident Expectation.

I have hope that this opens your faith in him and you will have renewed hope. May God be with you all and I pray that you allow Jesus in your hearts and hope for his return to us. Amen

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