Summary: Hosea 10

Hosea 10 [NLT]

June 26, 2013

Oak Park Baptist Church – Wed Bible Study Series

Hosea Bible Study

A Study of the Minor Prophets Hosea (750-725 BC)

HOSEA to Israel (Northern Kingdom)

Once again, I want us to review what we have learned so far in our study through this prophetic book. We have learned that the nation of Israel was rebellious & stubborn when it came to serving/obeying God. They wanted to do things their own way, and they had ‘replaced’ the God of their deliverance with false god and idol worship!

Hosea had told them that God knew about their rebellion and that they had rebelled to the point where God was ready to discipline them harshly! His judgment would be the total destruction of the nation and its inhabitants taken into captivity as well.

Hosea was very clear that God did desire to bring judgment against Israel, but that He would rather see repentance and reconciliation from the people… It was God’s ultimate desire that Israel turn away from their false gods & come back to Him in their worship.

God had promised to NOT go thru with His destruction of the nation, if they would turn back to Him, but God understood that the nation of Israel’s hearts were NOT focused on turning to Him, but on their own selfish desires!

So, tonight as we look at ch10 we are going to find see a principle from Scripture that did not ‘jive’ with the society of the day… and it still does not ‘jive’ with what society thinks about God!

Here in ch10 we find first (v.1-4) that God wanted Israel to know and understand that material prosperity does NOT always equal right standing with God. Second we see (v.5-8) that Israel (Samaria) had replaced God with a false god/an idol of worship. Finally we will look at v.10-15 where God is clear in His prophetic voice that He will choose the what, when, where, and who of how He disciplines.

Earthly Prosperity is NOT necessarily a sign of Godly Approval! v.1-4


1How prosperous Israel is—a luxuriant vine loaded with fruit.

But the richer the people get, the more pagan altars they build. The more bountiful their harvests, the more beautiful their sacred pillars. 2The hearts of the people are fickle; they are guilty and must be punished. The Lord will break down their altars and smash their sacred pillars. 3Then they will say, “We have no king because we didn’t fear the Lord. But even if we had a king, what could he do for us anyway?” 4They spout empty words and make covenants they don’t intend to keep. So injustice springs up among them like poisonous weeds in a farmer’s field.

What this verse implies here is that EVEN though Israel seemed prosperous from the point of view of the world, it did NOT mean that they were prosperous in God’s eyes or in God’s economy.

We have all heard the phrase/saying about someone comes into a large amount of money OR has great circumstances come about in their lives… People will say things like, “They must be living right!” OR “God is really blessing them!”

We have also heard the saying said for the opposite affect as well… If someone is struck by calamity or hardship there are many who will say things like, “…where is their God now?” OR “How could God allow this to happen?”

As humans we have a tendency to place all calamity on God or all blessing on God… and while God is in control we all have free will and make decisions and God judges us on those decisions.

Israel had made the choice to turn away from God and thru Hosea God had promised discipline for their choices… but from the outside, the world saw a nation who was prosperous and thriving, although on the inside they were dead or dying because of their disobedient hearts.

The world saw prosperity… but more importantly the people of Israel saw prosperity and mistook that earthly prosperity as the blessing of God, and ignored the warnings from the prophet Hosea.

We cannot ever think that just because we have material prosperity that God is blessing us… Now God will bless those who are obedient and God may choose to use material blessing as His blessing… BUT we cannot confuse material accumulation or earthly success with godly approval for our lives!

As I stated, God will honor those who honor Him, but it will not always be what we may expect! Israel had put their trust in material successes and they ignored God’s voice of warning about their spiritual condition. WE cannot be like Israel!

Israel replaced God with an idol v.5-8

5The people of Samaria tremble in fear for what might happen to their calf idol at Beth-aven. The people mourn and the priests wail, because its glory will be stripped away. 6This idol will be carted away to Assyria, a gift to the great king there. Ephraim will be ridiculed and Israel will be shamed, because its people have trusted in this idol. 7Samaria and its king will be cut off; they will float away like driftwood on an ocean wave. 8And the pagan shrines of Aven, the place of Israel’s sin, will crumble. Thorns and thistles will grow up around their altars. They will beg the mountains, “Bury us!” and plead with the hills, “Fall on us!”

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