3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: You really can make a difference in your marriage. Saved or unsaved, you need to learn some tools to keep your marriage!

Hot-Sync Your Marriage!

"Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof." Proverbs 18:21

We used to have just PDA’s. Now, like most, we’ve updated to PDA Phones, mainly for business. But when we had our PDA’s, we had a feature called "Hot-Sync". The purpose of this is to synchronize what has been input on the computer with what’s been input on the PDA. At first, we saw this as simply a "nice feature", a benefit perhaps, or even an extra blessing, but not a necessity. After a while, it became apparent to us that many times the data on the computer was "old" compared to what’s on the PDA, and vice versa. Soon, the communication became jumbled, as we did not know which information was the most current and relevant to us. Hence the well needed feature to "Hot-Sync". This feature eliminates the confusion and syncs both information to be the same, and updates old to new, automatically.

It would seem appropriate that between husband and wife, there is a need for "Hot-Sync-ing". Although many still think that talking and communicating with each other on a deep level is only an "added extra feature", they don’t realize that it is in fact, absolutely necessary to maintain a level of marriage beyond surface life.

Some even think it magically and emotionally happens "automatically", and as long as we love God, and live for Him, it automatically falls into place: just like love. Well, the comment arises: "if you can fall in love, than you can fall out of love." It doesn’t happen automatically! To Hot-Sync, we have to manually hook up the USB cable to the PDA, make sure the Hot-Sync Manager is active, and then with our fingers, "push" the Hot-Sync button. Only after we do our part, will the synchronization take place.

The good news is that many couples have avoided divorce, demise and disaster by simply manually, taking the time to synchronize with our spouses.

So many wives are doing their "thang" and the husband is doing his own "thang" that for the most part, they are unable to handle staying "connected" in their marriage. Yes, there are always "exceptions to the rule", but don’t risk counting on the rarity that you are the special "ones" that can handle maintaining your closeness of when you were first married. Unfortunately, some have just "accepted" the distance in their relationship as their "lot" in life, and have become personal "martyrs" for the Kingdom. This is not God’s rule of thumb for marriage, and it’s only a matter of time before that couple’s distance outweighs their "obligatory" marriage vows.

Living for God is not obligatory, and you don’t just "commune or communicate" when you come to church, yet that’s how many of our couples, leadership or humble saints alike, treat their own marriage. In front of others, it’s all smiles, but when they’re alone with each other, they are truly "alone" and with each other.

We remember hearing the "Bing! Bing!" The PDA alarm went off. Is that a current calendar event alarm, or an upcoming event? Or did that already happen last week? Hmm. How did we know? We Hot-Sync’d and found out!

Mike & Trisha Fox

LIGHT House Fellowship


Delaware State Certified Marriage Mentors & Relationship Coaches

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