Summary: Worry does us no good, therefore, we need to leave it at the feet of our Father!

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Proverbs 12:25, Matthew 6:25-34, I Peter 5:6-11

I. The Effects of Worry:

A. Health

1. Physical

- High Blood Pressure

- Heart Disease

- Headaches

- Nausea

- Insomnia

- Lack of Energy

2. Mental = Depression (Proverbs


- effects @ least 25 million

- effects 1 in 5 homes

- costs $15-35 billion

- Destroys self-esteem

B. Socially

1. Strained relationships - Financial

stress #1 marriage killer

2. Loner mentality - avoid people,

especially if they appear to have

it all

3. Loss of job - Disrupt our


4. Destroys careers

5. Substance abuse

C. Spiritually

1. Objects of worry consume our minds

2. Weaken our witness - What is so

appealing about a miserable


3. Reduce ability to trust God

II. What we worry about

A. Comfort

1. Food - Look at the birds

2. Clothing - Lilies of the field

3. Shelter - God’s house is a very

big house

B. Acceptance

1. From peers - Acceptance by man

should not be our priority

2. From God - All who call on His

name shall be saved

C. Purpose in Life

1. God has a purpose for us all -

Ephesians 4

2. God uses all to bring out His

purpose - Romans 8:28

3. God’s purposes prevail to victory -

I Peter 5:10

III. What does God say about worry

A. Why bother?

1. Will it add time (v 27)

2. Will it change circumstances

(James 1)

3. Don’t you already have enough to

do (v 34)

B. Instead:

1. Seek God (v 33). The worries of

our lives are a result of Satan

having success in areas of

weakness. What better way is there

to chase Him and his worry agents


2. Give it to God (1 Peter 5:7)

(Matthew 11:28. Too often we bring

it to God, but we don’t leave it

with Him. We pick it back up and

take it back upon ourselves. If we

bring it to God, He wants us to

leave it there.

3. Praise & Thanksgiving (Philippians

4:4-6). Don’t forget to say thank

you. God doesn’t want spoiled

ungrateful children as His


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