Summary: Seeing God’s Vision


II KINGS 4:1-7

The greatest achievements in life are usually accomplished by people who have a singular desire or a vision that becomes the ruling passion of their lives

--------for example—Bob Feller was a child who loved to throw a ball and by the age of 5 he spent hours every day pitching through a hole in the barn wall--------at the age of 10 his father bought him all the necessary equipment and provided him with a playing field on the family farm

------at the age of 13 he pitched for a local team and averaged 20 strikeouts a game------------at the age of 17 he began playing for the Cleveland Indians

----------as a major leaguer he had 6 seasons as a 20 game winner and 3 no hit games------11 1 hitters------and 266 wins-----and he set a record of 348 strikeouts in 1 season

You see it was because of his desire and vision------that he lived consistent with that vision----and he excelled

Churches need to understand that today-------God has a purpose and plan for each Church------and they need to be devoted to accomplishing it

The average Church today though is like a football game-----you have 22 players in desperate need of rest being watched by 50,000 people in desperate need to exercise

as we look at the verses today we see several truths that the Church today needs to understand if it is going to accomplish great things for God

Now lets understand what is going on in these verses to start with

--------Elisha was apparently the chief prophet in Israel at this time--------now we understand that Elisha was Elijah’s protege and constant companion and had received the prophetic mantle from Elijah

Now there were schools of training for those who would aspire to be prophets-----they were the Bible schools of that day

Now one of the widows of one of the sons of the prophets came to Elisha ------Here husband had died and he was here source of support--------now she was bankrupt and creditors were coming to take her sons as bondmen or slaves until the debt was paid

--------the problem was that with her two sons gone, there was no way she could pay the debt-----she would only sink further into debt

Now I want you to understand something here------when a Church is trying to do everything on their own and in their own strength-------------------they are in the same shape as the women------they are spiritually bankrupt------- They have tried in their own effort to be successful-----they have made their plans to serve God and have met with nothing but disappointment

----------You see if we are going to accomplish God’s purpose and plan--------we must be filled with the Holy Spirit------allowing Him to be in complete control-------not us

Now understanding the setting-----let’s move on and see the truths found in these verses-----------These truths shows forth this woman’s vision and trust in God--------------if we are going to understand God’s vision for us and fulfill it----we must practice these same truths

I)----She trusted God for her answer----v. 1

Notice ----she did not go to every other source and then come to God--------she went straight to God--------we must understand this truth

Jeremiah 29:11-14

Jeremiah 33:3

We have great promises in God’s word about Him meeting our every need------don’t understand why we don’t live like we believe it-------we say we believe the Bible is God’s inerrant Word of God-----we argue over it and fight for it------but do we live like we believe it

Philippians 4:19

Mark 9:23

Folks------- as God envisions us-----we must trust Him completely------God never gives us a vision that He does not empower us and give us the spiritual gifts to accomplish it------(PLACE)

Acts 1:8-----------------Sometimes he has to put the heat to us for us to accomplish what He would have us to--------Acts 8:1

I remember when we trusted God for new ministries and a bigger place of worship-----God provided--------but folks the vision has not ended------it has only began------and we must still trust God and continue to march forward accomplishing what He would have us to

II)—She followed God’s plan—v. 2-5

Notice—Elisha’s question------really he was asking “what is your resources?”-----what is available for God to multiply

------remember the story of the feeding of the 5,000—(John 6:1-14)

Notice v. 2----nothing but a jar of oil------------but I want you to understand that she had her faith

Notice v. 3----expound

Notice v. 4-5----expound----(what do you suppose that she expected to happen)

This woman was able to receive her blessing because she was like Joshua and Caleb-------not like the other 10 spies

Numbers 13:25-33--------14:6-10

So often Churches are like the ten spies------all the excuses

We need to be the power source in the midst of this world that God intended for us to be-----------we need to be like Joshua and the new generation of the nation of Israel as the marched into the promised land-----------Joshua 1:5-8

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