Summary: This sermon looks at two key areas to watch for God’s movement in our daily lives.

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OPENING QUESTION: How can I see more of God moving in my daily life?

- How can I invite Him into my daily life?

- Am I on my own living my life?

STARTING POINT: A starting point is believing God is active every day and letting Him out of the Sunday morning box.

- Luke 1:8.

- cf. to Mary’s experience.

- In addition to the Sunday morning box, some people leave God in a “quiet time” box.

- God is always at work.


1. In the “chance” events.

- v. 9 – “chosen by lot.”

- This was literally a once-in-a-lifetime experience for a priest. Because of the number of priests, you were only allowed to do this once in your life.

- Nothing is a surprise to God.

- Providence v. chance.

- “Divine appointments.”

- Sometimes what seems like chance is God-orchestrated.

- I don’t mean here that we need to read hidden meaning into every single tiny detail of our lives.

- Examples:

a. You run unexpectedly into someone at Walmart.

b. Something breaks at the house, ruining your plans.

c. You happen to catch a virus at work that puts you on your back for two days.

- A reminder: just because it makes your life harder doesn’t mean that it’s not from God. Just because it inconveniences you doesn’t mean it’s not from God.

- What if the struggle or difficulty is not impeding God’s will, but is God’s will? What if it’s formative?

2. In the “custom” events.

- v. 9 – “according to the custom.”

- A.k.a. mundane.

- Seeing past routine.

- Sometimes we presume that God only works in the dramatic.

- Also, God meeting us in the midst of old customs. Our taste is often for what is the latest trend, but sometimes God meets us amid the ancient.

- Also, God has to meet us where we are. As a person or a church, He will come to us in our “custom” in order to get us where He wants us to go.

- Examples:

a. Working with integrity in a workplace where no one seems to care.

b. Loving when you don’t feel like it.

c. Not overlooking that person that you see every day.

PAYING ATTENTION: What can I use to wake me up?

- We need to wake up to the possibilities of what God is doing all around us everyday.

- Some options:

a. Note card in your Bible for daily reminder: “Father, let me see You working today.”

b. Alarm on phone at various points in the day.

c. Rubber band around wrist (or something else that you’d see).

- How do I tell when it’s God?

- You don’t have to have magical discernment.

- Just be open and obeying.

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