Summary: This is the funeral sermon for a 14 year old. This young man was "on fire" for Jesus Christ and this sermon celebrates that fact.

Wednesday Morning July 3, 2002 Bel Aire Baptist Church

Funeral Service For Arturo “Spike” Castillo, Jr.


John 14:1-6


1. This morning as we honor and celebrate the life of Arturo “Spike” Castillo Jr., many of us are asking the question, “How could this happen to such a young and good person?”

2. To be honest with you, I don’t know the answer to this question. But, God does know and God cares about each one here and He hurts with you.

What Spike Did


1. Arturo “Spike” Castillo, Jr. began his life on this earth on May 25, 1988 and went to be with his Lord in Heaven on June 30, 2002.

2. Spike is survived by his parents Arturo Sr. and Janie Castillo; 2 brothers and 2 sisters; 5 nieces and 1 nephew; and numerous other family members and friends.

3. Spike was preceded in death by his grandfather, Roque Castillo.

Life And Witness

1. Spike was a very active young man and when he did things he did his very best. For example, Spike loved sports and especially football. Just last week Spike found out that he was going to be the quarterback for his team.

2. Spike was also a good student. He attended school for a while in Seminole and has been attending Highland Jr. High where he was an honor student.

3. Spike was also a member of this church, Bel Aire Baptist. He was an active member of our Youth Group and just two weeks ago became a role model to many children at Vacation Bible School.

4. Spike was one of these people that could make your day brighter. He loved to “pick on” his sisters and nieces. Spike enjoyed life and because of that, he helped those around him enjoy life more.

5. As wonderful as Spike was and as much as we will all miss him, I want you to know that he left a very important message behind to all of us. Spike’s family told me that he was going to become the first Castillo family preacher and I want to tell you he was already doing the job.

Where Spike Is


1. If Spike could speak to you right now, he would tell you that he wants you to join him someday in Heaven.

2. See, Spike is in Heaven right now with many that have passed from this earth.

3. But most important, Spike is with God and Jesus his Savior.

Revelation 21:1-4

How To Get There

1. Spike would also tell you, (and has told many) that in order for you to join him and God in Heaven you have to know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.

2. Spike knew the way to Heaven. Spike knew about Jesus telling the disciples that He would be leaving them and the disciples wanted to know what was going to happen to them and how could they go and be with Him. Here’s what Jesus said.

John 14:1-6

3. If you are here today and have not surrendered your life to Jesus Christ, you must if you want to see Spike again. Let me tell you what you have to do, just as I told Spike that day he surrendered his life to Christ.

Romans 10:9-10, 13


1. I pray that if you have never surrendered your life to Jesus that you would come talk to Kevin, Danny, Ernest, or myself today.

2. I know that each of you is hurting right now, but God can comfort and guide you through this difficult time if you will let Him.

3. God loves you and is here to help.



Family Enters

Welcome (Shawn Drake)

Song: “The Dream” (Earnest Gonzales)

Scripture And Tribute (Kevin Kellow)

Song: “Thank You” (Kevin Kellow)

Eulogy (Danny Villalobos)

Song: “The Anchor Holds” (Mark Laster)

Message: “How Could This Happen?” (Shawn Drake)

John 14:1-6

Closing Prayer (Shawn Drake)


Psalm 23 (Shawn Drake)

Prayer (Kevin Kellow)

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