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Summary: There are a number of theories as to how everything came to be. Materials used for this study include Dr Dewitt's "Unraveling the Origins Controversy."

There are a number of theories as to how everything came to be. We won’t examine them all but I would like for us to take the time to look at the most popular theories that try to either eliminate the Bible or to make the Bible fit what science and evolution teaches.

I often wonder if, for the most part, the only part of evolution that bothers many of us is this common ancestry thing. We cringe at the thought of having Bobo the chimp for a cousin. But evolution is much bigger than how you and I got here.

The first theory creation that we will examine, which we will examine more in-depth than the others is: SLIDE #1

1. Theistic Evolution: What comes to mind when you read the word Theistic or theism?

Theism is defined as the belief in one God as the creator and ruler of the universe, without rejection of revelation.

SLIDE #2 It can also mean the belief in the existence of a god or multiple gods.

The opposite of theism is Atheism, which is defined as a person who denies the existence of a supreme being or beings.

With this understanding we should be able to put the term “theistic evolution” in proper perspective. SLIDE #3

Theistic evolution is the belief in creation by continuous evolutionary process, initiated by God.

SLIDE #4 Theistic evolution incorporates: The BIG bang theory, the chemical origin of life or Abiogenesis. Theistic evolution also accepts, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, common ancestry.

Let me explain this chemical origin thing a little more. It is called Abiogenesis which is the process of one living organism forming naturally from non-living matter. This is absolutely opposed to biogenesis, which is the creation of living organisms by other living organisms. Scientists guess that life may have been a result of random chemical processes happening to produce self-reproducing molecules.

SLIDE #5 In plain English God used evolution to create.

SLIDE #6 Let’s look at some of the contradictions of theistic evolution.


a. Theistic evolution minimizes the role of God by saying that God simply set things in motion and whatever happens just happens.

How many can remember playing with one of these? [Show slide] For me, this is a good example of theistic evolution, in that God simply threw everything out and no longer has control of. We used to spend hours just winding the string around that top and watching spin but once it was released we no longer had control of it did we?

What would happen if you tried to touch that top after you released it? All one could do was watch the top spin until it was over and the top fell on its side.


b. Theistic evolution is inconsistent with God’s Nature.


c. Theistic evolution does not line up with Biblical creation because natural selection and random mutations are the driving force behind generations of various species, according to evolution.

SLIDE#10 There are some pretty significant items out of sequence between the plain test of Genesis and the order one would expect to have with evolution.


Earth first then the sun, moon and stars Sun first, then earth, then moon

Water first, and then land Land first, then seas

Plants before fish Fish and marine organisms before plants

Birds before land animals Reptiles before birds

Death after the sin of man Death is ever present


d. The biggest problem with theistic evolution is that it puts death before sin.

Let’s say that theistic evolution is a valid argument and it has been proven true and death comes before the fall of man; WHY JESUS?

The very purpose of Jesus Christ coming to this world was to redeem fallen man and to take the penalty for our sin. The Bible calls death the very last enemy to be dealt with and destroyed but here’s my problem with this. If God used death to create the world and its inhabitants, through the process of evolution then death could not really be an enemy.

If we follow the evolutionary process there are a couple of things that must change.


1. We have man passing through the birth canal, rather than being created by God.


2. The first human’s mother would have been less than human because evolution requires a common ancestor, from a single cell organism to the fully developed human.


3. If theistic evolution is true then God is a fake and His Word is a lie because theistic evolution does not allow for a real Adam and a real Eve.

There’s another motion much like the motion one would make throwing that old top [make the motion of throwing dice and ask what the motion looks like]

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