Summary: Last week we defined our purpose which is: "Connecting people with Jesus Christ and each other". Today, using Scripture as our guide, we are going to learn the "how". (Acts 13:13-52)

How do we fulfill our Purpose?

Acts 13:13-52


When this series first started we discussed the imp of being a biblical church

-- The church of Acts is a tremendous model for us to examine / follow

-- When it comes to following Christ, there is really NO more perfect example

Last week we DEFINED our purpose for each of us to pray over and consider

-- Our purpose is: “Connecting people with Jesus Christ and each other”

Today, straight from scripture, we are going to learn the “how”

-- Last week I asked if we were living by the same standard as Antioch was

We’ve got 4 questions that we are going to attempt to answer today from Acts 13

Lots to get to today, lots of scripture as well, so let’s pray and dive in …

Point 1 – What’s our example to follow? (13-31)

Read Acts 13:13-31

The first critical point to answering “if we are obeying” is to ask:

-- What is the example that we are following?

-- The bible says, Prov 29:18, “Where there is no vision, the people perish”

If we don’t have a model to follow, we will simply wander aimlessly

-- Analogy: Consider driving to my parent’s house in Troy, NY for Christmas dinner without a map, GPS, compass, or anything else to navigate too but you knew that you had to be there and knew the end point … how would you get there?

-- Many churches today have the exact same problem – all thrust but no vector

-- The book of Acts is that road map! It points us in a direction to serve Christ!!

V13 and v14 shows Paul and Barnabas traveling, GOING, to share Christ

But look, just as Peter did in Acts 2 through 4, Paul is now doing in v16

-- Reminds them of their history; invokes in them pride in descendants

-- APP: Once you have someone’s attention, they will listen to you

-- EX: I have the cure to what ails you and I want to give it you for FREE …

Up through v22 most people in this time are pretty comfortable

-- After all, this is the OT he is quoting and they’re prob. high-fiving each other

-- But then Paul takes a hard left turn in v23 … the name of Jesus invokes change

-- The name of Jesus brings conviction, but it brings release to SO many in need

The example you and I are to follow is right here in the text; clear and concise

-- Many gathered around John (v25) and question him routinely (John 1:19-27)

-- John’s answer though is exactly what Paul teaches here, and what we should too

-- BOTTOM LINE: It isn't about me folks, but the One that I serve!!

The example that we are to follow is the same the Disciples are doing here:

-- Ready? (pause) 2 Tim 4:2, “Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine.”

-- We are called to preach it, live it, and multiply it – nothing more matters!

TRANS: If we know the example, we then ask what’s our curriculum

Point 2 – What are we to teach? (32-41)

Read Acts 13:32-41

We are to preach one thing and one thing only: The Good News!

-- Before you can have good news there had to have been bad news, right?

-- The bad news is that we needed a savior which is whom the OT predicted

Who does the work? Who raised Jesus? (v32) What God promised is …

-- We ought to be able to tell others the big picture that God raised Jesus but …

-- BIG APP: We are to be able to tell other people what God has done in our lives

However, there is another part here that Luke hints at (Paul drives home later)

Not only teach the Gospel – but gather others around SO THEY CAN HEAR IT!

-- TCAPL Trifold Handouts: Each person takes 1 and gives it to one other person

-- Don’t use them as a sun reflector on your dashboard or a seat warmer

-- Don’t use them as a bookmark in your Bible and leave it at Acts 13 (realist)

-- GIVE it to someone to share what’s happening in Gods house; open door to chat

People won’t come to Christ if you don’t tell them – and we are on a mission here

-- Analogy: Football games are NOT won in the huddle, but on the field

-- BIG APP: Sunday is the huddle; the training session; out THERE is the game!!

TRANS: So, if we are telling … then what happens?

Point 3 – Where’s the evidence of this God thing working? (42-44)

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