Summary: This sermon and others in the series talks about what priority God’s Kingdom should have in every believer’s life.


“How do you enter the Kingdom”


- What priority does the Kingdom have? First Matt 6:33

- When is the Kingdom? Now

- Where is the Kingdom? Go to John 17:20-21

- Wherever God’s people dwell, where they come together…whether it be in China, Europe, Russia, in America…Kingdom is there within the believers

Question for today? How do you enter the Kingdom of God?

- Pray

TRANS: We have looked at what priority the Kingdom has, when and where the kingdom is, but now…

1. How Do You Enter?

- Who has the best chance to enter? A child…A rich man…A religious man

A prostitute…

- Who would you say had the best shot? You may be surprised by the answer

- Today I want to begin to talk about “How do you enter the Kingdom of God?”

- Go to Acts 16:14 “How do you enter the Kingdom of God?”

- I hope you will begin to ask yourself, “Am I in the kingdom today?”

- Jesus once said this, “accept a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom

- Then a couple of verses later, He said it again a little different, “accept a man be born again he cannot enter the Kingdom”

- Nicodemus, “How can I be born again? Do I have to enter my mother’s womb a second time?

- Jesus told him that’s not what he’s talking about, “Accept a man be born of water and of the Spirit”

- We say, What in the world does that mean? Well, He tells us

- Jesus is saying you must be born of the flesh and of the Spirit

- When you are born, you are protected by a cocoon of water and that’s the physical birth

- But to enter the Kingdom…you have to have a Spiritual birth

- What I am trying to tell you is you don’t choose to be born of God

- Listen, you to didn’t choose God first… for you to enter the Kingdom, God’s Spirit has to start working on you

- Look at Acts 16:13 – 14 (Read)

- She went and was listening…then she has this divine appointment

- God opens her heart to respond…God’s at work…God’s making a difference

- Go with me to John 6…there is a mystery…Jesus said “You must be born again.”

- He said the wind is out there…it is like the Spirit and it blows where it wants to

- And the Spirit of God when He wants a man, He begins to blow…

- It’s a supernatural deal

- See I believe in universal opportunity 1 John 2:2 says, Jesus was the payment for our sins, not only ours but for the whole world.”

- I believe in universal opportunity but I also believe that no man can come to God unless God first begins to draw him

- God has to be working on a man’s heart, working the ground, laying the ground work

- If someone is not coming to the Father, it is because the Father is not drawing them

- The Jews were grumbling because they did not understand what Jesus was saying

- Jesus is telling them don’t worry about it…these things are spiritually discerned

- If you can’t understand em I’m not worried about it because it is about God and not about me, not about you

- But if you do start to understand these things, then God is starting to quicken you to life

- Look at verse 41

- Don’t grumble, don’t fret…if a man comes to me…God’s gonna open their heart to understand

- You can’t come into the Kingdom any other way

- One day as God begins to draw you…your eyes are opened and you begin to see

- Say, What does the Spirit of God begin to say to you or reveal to you?

- I want to share with you what the Spirit of God begins to reveal

A. My condition – Jesus tells the Pharisees, tax-collectors and prostitutes will rush into the Kingdom long before you will

- Here is a religious man that fasts twice a week

- Stands on the corner and quotes loud prayers

- Tithes everything he owns including what he grows in garden

- And Jesus tells him, “good luck”, these prostitutes are going into the Kingdom

- These tax collectors are going into the Kingdom but you…EEEHHHH!

- WHY? Because you can’t get into the Kingdom unless you first are lost

- Then, can you get saved…I think many isle walkers, many been dunked, and signed a card

- But they never got saved…you know why? Because they never quit depending on themselves

- Honestly, religious people are not going into the Kingdom

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