Summary: Starting with the notion that we all have been found guilty of sin and stating what some of the charges are before us, the sermon then leads us to turn to Christ as our advocate in order for Jesus to plead our case so that we may find Pardon.

Isaiah Was born into an Influential, Upper class family He rubbed shoulders with royalty and gave advice on foreign affairs of the nation. He has often been called the evangelical prophet because he says so much about the redemptive work of the Messiah. The 24th chapter of Isaiah is sometimes called Isaiah’s apocalypse. I’m only going to read the first 6 verses today but I hope you’ll go home and read the whole chapter. (Read scripture)

Does this sound anything like what’s going on today? Devastating wildfires burning out of control in the west, destroying whole towns and communities, stronger hurricanes hitting our coastlines, murder and crimes are on the rise, devastating floods, the list could go on and on but I think you get the picture.

The scripture basically tells us in verse 2 that we are all going to be in the same boat, no one is going to be immune from the problems that are coming. All of us have to deal with environmental problems, natural disasters, financial crises and many other things in life. Just because we are Christian doesn’t mean we are immune to the problems it just means that we have been forgiven and we have Jesus to help us through and that should give us hope for the future and reason to rejoice because we know “this world is not my home I’m just a passing through!”

People seem to have lost their moral compass, even our churches are beginning to use what I think should be called an “It’s all good theology” but let me tell you something, it aint all good a lot of stuff going on today is bad. The problem is people need Jesus and the church is giving them religion and I don’t think that’s gonna cut it in the long run. The world is wasting away, the ozone layer is breaking down, icecaps are melting, flooding, earthquakes, volcanos, devastating floods and storms.

Prophecy or coincidence? You tell me.

Why is the world in the shape it’s in? Isaiah’s prophecy says that it’s because of us. We have polluted the earth, we have transgressed the laws, and we have violated the statutes.

Is it Prophecy or coincidence?

Does it seem like most folks in the world violate and ignore the laws that God has already laid out for us? Sure it does, in today’s world we seem to be going by the Ten Suggestions instead of the Ten Commandments!!!

In verse 6 it says that those that live on the earth are held Guilty & that few will live. Let’s take a look Lets see if we are Guilty, have we been transgressing the laws and violating the statutes.

? You shall have no other Gods before me; you shall not make for yourself an Idol.

? You shall not take the name of the Lord you God in vain!

? Remember the Sabbath and keep it Holy.

How are we doing in this department? Do we put things above God do we make Idols? It happens all the time we put Work, Popularity, status all of these seem to go before God. And we have Idols today that we worship, they may not be Wood or gold, but we have them, we worship Money, fame, and power.

Do we take the Lords name in vain? We do it all the time and don’t even realize it. We use the Lord’s name so frivolously that it’s become second nature to us. Am I wrong? How many people do you know that use the phrase “O MY GOD!!”? That is using Gods name in vain, what about when we get angry or hit our thumb with a hammer and say JESUS CHRIST or GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY, people use Gods name in vain so often they don’t even realize they are doing it is so common in today’s world we don’t even think about it.

What about a Sabbath? I know that we have to work on Sundays and can’t be off but can’t we pick another day to rest when we have to work on Sundays? We need to have one day a week for rest to just think and reflect about God. It’s sad to say but we have become a nation that hardly ever thinks of God unless we need something, let alone setting a day aside for holy reflection.

? Honor your Father and Mother

Do Children today really honor their parents like they should if you notice we don’t hear Yes ma’am, no ma’am, yes sir or no sir, please and thank you near as much as we used to. Children have begun to tell their parents what to do and where to go, when it should be the other way around.

? You shall not Murder

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