Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: God is active in restoring us to the joy of salvation.

I. God Shows Compassion (20)

A. He sees us from afar (he recognized his son thru the rags and filth)

B.He loves us no matter what (compassion or pity)

C. He comes to us (son walked, father ran)

D. He is willing to restores us (hugged and kissed his son)

II. God Responds to Confession (21)

A. The father was willing to respond before the son spoke.

B. The son’s confession

1. Father

2. I have sinned against heaven and you

3. I am unworthy to be called your son

III. God Restores with Celebration (22-24)

A. God completely restores us (22)

B. God fellowships with us (23)

C. God makes the dead to live, and the lost to be found

• The self righteous Pharisees had left God’s will with slow indifference

• We can leave God’s will and not realize it.

• We hit bottom of our doing, but we can return to God.

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