Summary: Yes People of Faith Get Depressed

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Depression has troubled people everywhere, in every age, and it will trouble us more in this 21st century. It is very important to understand this illness but professionals don’t always understand its complexity. Depression is not always the result of some sin or somebody’s mental weakness, it is triggered by chemical imbalances in the brain and medications is needed. The roots of depression could be social and psychological including genetic factors, characteristics of a person, stressful life events and early life experiences.

Spirituality is among the list of how people can treat depression. For believers, it is not a new thing. They trust God. They believe the existence of God. They know Him. They talk to Him. And the Almighty God is ready to answer prayer. Can God heal depression? Believers can easily answer that God can heal depression. But how? We need to look at the Bible.

Perhaps some believers say that people who know God will be safe from depression, but to the contrary the Bible describes the struggles of prophets who suffered with depression including Job, Moses, King David, King Solomon, Elijah and Jonah. All were faithful prophets of God. They got depressed because they were human and were susceptible to stress. Let’s talk about their cases and see how God heal them from depression.


Job suffered depression after losing his possession; first his wealth, then all his 10 children. The professionals say the loss of something significant is a major reason for depression. Not only depression Job was devastated by a sorrowful physical affliction: he had loathsome sores in his entire body from the sole of his foot to the crown of his head. To make it worse his wife asked him to curse God and die. His three closed friends were suspicious that Job hid great sin. God healed Job by giving him right understanding about Him through nature, His creation. Job answered God that previously he only heard about God, but after the accident he saw God with his own eyes. God healed Job’s sickness including his depression, blessed Job twice as much as he had before and then Job also had another 7 sons and 3 daughters. So, see the nature (enjoy sightseeing), admire and admit God’s authority in your life, your depression will be healed.


Moses, the man with meek heart, got depressed while facing the Israelite for years. They always murmured against Moses when they found something unpleasant. As a melancholic and perfectionist, Moses tended to be depressed since the beginning of his life. God changed Moses’ weakness to be his strength. He was a loner, pessimistic, egoistic, discontent and humbled himself excessively. Moses was transformed after walking with God. He was a succesful great leader of Israel as he submissive, faithfully obeyed God. Trust and obey God’s order is a medicine for depression in Moses’ case.

King David

The depressions of King David stem from any of several probable causes. King David was not pleased seeing injustice around him and he had sinned before God by committing adultery with Uriah’s wife. When sin and the resulting guilt is the root of depression, the Bible shows how recovery begins: with repentance and forgiveness. From David’s experience we know the steps. After committing sin, David felt miserable because of dishonesty thus his days were filled with frustration. David finally stopped trying to hide his sin. David confessed his sin before God and God forgave his sin. David felt great happiness because God forgave him and cleared the sin record.

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