Summary: The person who is in a rebellious state towards God should understand the seriousness of their condition

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Whether we realize it or not, our view of God and what He is like will often determine what kind of person we are.

Example. If a person sees God as a supernatural tyrant that is waiting to strike them down each time they make a mistake, they will probably have a hard time experiencing the love and grace of God and the joy of salvation.

On the other hand if a person sees God as a big spoiling grandfather in the sky that chuckles at our sins, this person will have a hard time understanding the Holiness of God and the serious of our sin and the cross of Christ. Chances are this person will not have much conviction about cleaning up their life and being holy as God is holy.

Paul warned of this kind of misconception about God in Rom. 6:1. “Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? God forbid.”

This is why the gospel of Judas is such a dangerous and damnable doctrine. It teaches that the God we serve, the creator of our universe is not the real God. That our creator was a imperfect god and that He made all kinds of mistakes when creating our world which is why we have floods, hurricanes, diseases, etc. It teaches that we are trapped in an imperfect body in an imperfect world that was created by an imperfect god and salvation by faith is not the answer. Our salvation according to this writer is by knowledge. Thus you have the doctrine of Gnosticism It teaches that Jesus did not die for our sins since He was not really a man anyway but that He came to unlock for us the secrete to escaping this imperfect world. In the opening of the book His disciple are praying over their food and Jesus comes up and laughs at them. When they ask Him why He is laughing He says because the God that you are praying to, the creator of the world is the wrong god. Folks, this is more than about Judas and his betrayal, this is about some of the most corruptible teaching I have ever read. It will literally turn your stomach.

It is important for us to know How God sees us in whatever condition we are in because this will definitely either change who we are or it will encourage us to continue who we are.

But today I want to talk about How God sees the rebellious heart. The reason this is important is because a person who is in the state of rebellion towards God is in the most dangerous situation they could be in because God will not and cannot save a rebellious person. So maybe if a person can see themselves from God’s point of view he or she will take more seriously their condition and make an effort to do something about it. This is really a two part lesson. This morning we will see how God views the rebellious heart and tonight how God sees the broken and contrite heart.


1. God sees rebellion as doing hateful things. In other words, doing the things that God hates

2. God sees rebellion as doing evil things.

3. God sees rebellion as having no respect for Him.

4. God sees rebellion as unimportant to the one who is rebelling.

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