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Summary: This sermon gives three ways of knowing that I have salvation.

How I Know For Sure I Am Saved

“I know whom I have believed and (I) am persuaded that he is able to keep what I have committed to Him until that Day.”

2 Timothy 1:12b

I have lived in this world long enough to know that I don’t know everything. I don’t know:

*I don’t know why when you are building a building - when you are finished with it you still call it a building.

*I don’t know why when we take our pets to get spayed or neutered we call it getting fixed when the real problem we is that they aren’t broken in the first place.

*I don’t know why you ladies have to get a permanent more then once.

*I don’t know if Adam and Eve had belly buttons.

But there are some things I do know.

1. “I know whom I have believed.”

The first step of knowing you are saved is having a correct relationship with Jesus.

Notice in our text that Paul does not say “I know what I have believed" - but he says “whom I have believed.” Paul is not saying, “I know about Jesus." I know that he was a historical figure. I know about him as a name that appears in history books. But Paul says he knows Jesus. All of us know about – Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, even George Bush. But Paul is not expressing himself that way. He is saying, “I know Jesus in a personal way - I know him as my savior, as my friend. I know him as one who walks beside me and guides me. I know Jesus and guess what - he knows me.” First Corinthians chapter eight verse three says:

“If anyone loves God, this one is known by him.” 1 Cor. 8:3

Jesus even warned many will come saying “Lord, Lord…" But he will answer in reply, "I did not know you.” Mt. 7:21-23

We must know him in a personal way. We must have a close relationship with him. Our knowledge of Jesus must be more than head knowledge - it must also be heart knowledge.

It’s equally important that he knows you and that you know him. I know whom I have believed – and guess what He knows me.

The relationship He has with you is vital.

The relationship He has with you determines your eternal destiny. Because the essential element of Christianity is a relationship with Jesus. That relationship cannot be faked.

Here is the second thing that I know:

2. I know that: Relationships take commitment.

The second step of knowing you are saved is making a commitment to Jesus.

If you have a relationship of commitment with Jesus you know for certain that you are saved. Did you know life is a series of commitments?

In 1972 I made a commitment. A young lady, by the name of Cathy stood side by side and we said, “Till death do us part.” That is a commitment.

In 1984 I made a commitment. I raised my hand and said, “I promise to defend and uphold the constitution of the United Sates of America against all enemies foreign or domestic.” That is a commitment.

In 1999 I made a commitment. I signed an agreement with this church – saying I will commit to being the pastor of this church. That is a commitment.

Life is full of commitments. You make commitments all the time. Look at the verse again.

“I know whom I have believed and (I) am persuaded that he is able to keep what I have committed to Him until that Day.”

The Christian life is a life of commitment. What does it mean to be committed to Christ? It means going the same way he is going. It means putting God’s desires above your own. Seeking the same things God wants for your life.

In 1974 I committed my life to Christ. I said here is my life, such as it is. Forgive me. Save me. I choose to follow you. I choose live for you. I committed myself to him that day.

3. And I know that because of who Jesus is; “he is able to keep (me).”

The third step in knowing with certainty that you are saved is trust – it can also be call faith.

Sitting there in that prison cell in Rome, Paul must have remembered all the horrible things that had happened to him – the suffering he had endured – the times that he had been arrested and beaten – the times he had been left for dead – the times he was hungry, cold and lonely. Yet he was still able to write – “he is able to keep what I have committed to him.”

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