Summary: Christians need to Sing Out for the Lord.

“How I Love to Sing”

Scripture Lessons: Exodus 15:1-22

Psalm 118:14

Psalm 107:2

Introduction -

Music - Music - Music

The world is filled with music:

the Good - the Bad - the Ugly

Those growing up in the 1960’s will remember,

“Smoke gets in your eyes:

Mack the knife;

Kisses Sweeter than Wine.”

Today, most of the songs that are written are about drugs, death, killing etc. They don’t have a positive message at all.

And a lot of the songs, you can’t even understand the words.

But, the Christian music has a positive message:

Songs such as:

“How I love to sing.,

How I love to sing,

How I love to sing of Jeus,

How I love to sing!”


“I will sing of my Redeemer”


“We’ll Sing in the Morning the songs of salvation”


“My heart sings whenever I think of Jesus.”

1. Exodus 15: 1-22 - Moses Song

Background -

Beginning the Wilderness Journey - {Exodus 13}

The Crossing of the Red Sea -{Exodus 13: 17-22}

A. God led His people away from Trouble -

1. God knew 2 significant facts:

A. The shortest route went through the land of the enemies, the Philistines;

B. His people were not strong enough to fight, but God led his people toward the Red Sea.

God led His people in an orderly fashion -

Marching in military rank and file.

I can see and hear them singing a good “Marching Song” on their way towards the sea;

B. God led His people to focus upon great Faith -

They honored the great Faith of Joseph;

C. God led His people by His very own Presence -

Every Step of the Way;

Led from Sucoth to Etham;

Led by the Pillar of Cloud & Fire;

Pillar of Cloud by Day;

Pillar of Fire by Night;

God, Led His people Faithfully;

Neither Pillar ever left it’s place in guiding the people;

Thought: God knows how to lead us away from trouble.

He knows our weaknesess -

He knows exactly how much we can bear.

God will always lead us.

2. Crossing the Red Sea - Exodus 14: 1 - 31

We need to remember, that God will never lead us a stray.

Here we see the Crossing -

A. They were told to turn back and to camp by the sea;

God’s purpose was to make Pharaoh think that Israel was trapped between the sea and the desert;

Picture in your mind -

The children of God were trapped by the Red Sea and the surrounding Egyptian army;

They were up against insurmountable odds;

They were up against a man whose hardened heart made him crazy with hate, hatred for them.

They were up against 600 chosen chariots;

They were up against all the other chariots and horses of Egypt;

They were up against the most powerful army on the face of the earth;

I can’t see them singing at this point.

As they looked around, they said, “No Way!”

The Problem?;

The Israelites problem was not Pharaoh

and the great military power;

The problem was not the Red Sea;

The problem was closer to home;

The problem was the hearts of the Israelites.

The secret thoughts of their hearts that wondered:

“God, why are you allowing this to happen?”

“Why me? This is not fair.”

“If only we had stayed in Egypt - life would be so much better” -

We are no better today are we?

We ask:

Where is God when I am unemployed?

Where is God when I have a family problem?

Where is God when I have a financial problem?

Where is God when I have sinned?

Where is God when I ........................................................

The list goes on and on;

No Singing Yet!

But we must never despair;

God’s first message to us is always “Fear Not!”

God is always near - we are the ones with the problem.

If you want to Sing - we need to walk with Jesus.

God had a plan!

The people were on the move for over 40 years;

the people were led in circles;

But God had taken care of them;

We see the Deliverance -

Israel walked through the sea on dry ground; {Exodus 14:29];

God saved Israel from the Egyptians [Exodus 14:30];

Israel saw the dead, their evil enslavers lying upon the seashore [Exodus 14:30];

God’s purpose was accomplished [Exodus 14:31];

God’s people saw His power;

God’s people feared Him;

God’s people believed in Him and in His message;

I think right here, the Israelites, started to get into the spirit of singing, they started to hum, maybe even started to whistle.

Maybe one family was singing quietly;

Another family, sat silently;

Another family picked up, started to sing a little;

Now Chapter 15 -

The singing starts -

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