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Summary: This sermon is a inventory of our relationship with the Lord.

“How Is Your Relationship?”

Text: Daniel 1;2;6


This morning I would like us to take an inventory of our personal relationship with God. We are going to do this by taking a look at Daniel’s life.

1.The Diet. chapter 1

Daniel promised God the he would not defile his body with the things of this old world. We should be make that same promise to God in our own spiritual lives.

2.The Dream. chapter 2

Daniel went to prayer for an answer for the King’s dream. We should go to our knees in prayer when we need an answer to one of life’s tough problems.

3.The Den. chapter 6

Daniel was a living testimony for the one true God. So, God delivered him from the mouths of the hungry lions.


I ask you these questions in closing. How is your relationship with God? Do you have a good spiritual wholesome diet? Are you praying for answers? Are you a true living testimony for God?

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