Summary: So many people are stressed out, worn out and strung out because of their doubts. It is extremely wearing on one’s emotions to have to live in a constant state of uncertainty. When you are feeling uncertain about something or someone, you tend to worry ab

How Jesus Dispels Doubt - “Come and You Will See”

John 1:46-1:46

So many people are stressed out, worn out and strung out because of their doubts. It is extremely wearing on one’s emotions to have to live in a constant state of uncertainty. When you are feeling uncertain about something or someone, you tend to worry about the worse case scenario. We all struggle with the tendency to want proof that people and their promises are secure. When Jesus first encountered His disciples, He did not try to dazzle them with intellectual explanations. Instead, our Lord said, "Come and you will see." After spending the day with Jesus, John and his two disciples were so convinced of the greatness of Jesus that Andrew, one of the two disciples, found his brother Simon and said, "We have found the Messiah" - (The Promised Anointed One)

1. Jesus knew that seeing would equate with believing in His disciples. Many people are skeptics by nature. They tend not to believe anything unless it is proven to them personally. Jesus gave the first three disciples an eye -witness experience about His life and ministry that convinced them He was the Christ.

2. Jesus respected the first disciples as men. He allowed them to make their own decisions about what was true, reliable and authentic. Give everyone the deferential esteem and regard for their ability to make wise choices. Avoid the impression that you are patronizing or looking down on them for their lack of maturity.

3. Jesus practiced wise approaches in allowing the early disciples to ease into a relationship with Him. The Lord did not try to manipulate, coerce or cram truth down the throats of the disciples. You can always catch more flies with honey than with a fly swatter.

4. Jesus not only said, "Come and you will see." He also continued with that same message for the rest of His life and ministry. He said, "Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men." (Matt. 4:19) When you seek to help people alleviate their doubts and fears, be willing to take them along on the life long journey.

5. Jesus takes the initiative in selecting the disciples suited for His style of ministry. Think long and hard about the kinds of people you are willing to let come close to you. Proverbs says, "Many a man proclaims his loyalty, but a faithful man is very rare." Only with prayer and the leading of the Spirit can you be right

6. Jesus knew that by winning and training a few select men, His disciple-making strategy would produce the most effective results through multiplication. By following the Master’s plan, we will be able to make disciples of all nations that can win and train their own people to help plant and grow Christ’ church.

7. Jesus went to people who He discovered were spiritual hungry and responsive to God’s purposes, power and personage. There is no sense in trying to force your way into people’s lives without their consent. It may require that you do some surveys to find out where the most receptive people are, but sow your seeds in the fields that are ripest for the harvest.

8. Jesus encouraged the early disciples to do a thorough research of everything about the truth. When we are walking in the fullness of God’s control, we should have nothing to hide. If you do fear any invasion of your privacy there may be something that you are yet to fully surrender to the Lord’s control.

9. Jesus built upon each disciple’s strength. He loved each one uniquely. He did not expect His followers to perform a mental limbotomy and forget everything about their culture. Jesus built upon the God given abilities, strengths, and positive qualities that each man possessed. Look at the part of the glass that is full rather than the portion that is empty or negative.

10. Jesus helped His disciples look at life through the eye’s of faith. Our Lord helped the disciples see themselves as victors in the midst of strife. The disciples saw triumph in the eyes of Jesus because He knew the outcome of every battle because He trusted in the Sovereign God’s will. Amy Grant sings, "The Lord has a will and I have a need to follow that will. To humbly be still. To nest in it. Rest in it. Fully be blessed in it. Following my Father’s will." That truth takes away the pressure of having to succeed. Do what you can with what you have right now and God will take care of the rest of your worries.

11. Jesus knew that the disciples would learn best when they were given opportunities to personally interact with Him in real lifestyle and ministry situations. Work together in the ministry with your disciples. Try to avoid the kind of lifestyle and ministries that are done in isolation of the hard realities of life.

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