Summary: Challenge people concerning their brokeness for the lost

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How Much Are People Worth To You

Say People

-Not Just Wife/Husband/Kids/Best Friend/Not Just People You Like-PEOPLE

Websters-A Mass Of Persons-Not Just A Single Individual-ALL HUMAN KIND

President Bush Has Been Questioned A Lot About The War This Week

-Why is the war taking so long?

-Why are we loosing soldiers?

-Because we care about the people of Iraq

-Their own President has brutalized and tortured them –we go to liberate


-We will value the people of Iraq enough to risk our own safety


Prayed-God preach this sermon to me then through me


-Most Arnt legitimate

-I went to hit delete

-God spoke to me How much are people worth to you

-I called him-I need 400

-I called 3 churches you wont help anyone

-I was going to give it to him-God Spoke


-5 kids-sleeping on tires

-No Problem Ill get you in a shepter

-No I want a hotel

-Shed done it-GOD SPOKE TO ME

how much are people worth to you

I want to pose the same question to you today

how much are people worth to you

Luke 19:41-A glimpse of what people are worth to Jesus

As He approached Jerusalem, He saw the city and wept over it


-If at any point in Jesus’ life he had the right to be selfish it was here

-Luke places this scripture between two very well known events in Jesus’ life

-It is placed right between the triumphant entry and Jesus’ cleansing the temple

-Jesus is headed down the Mt of Olives-People are worshiping Him and in the midst of this high praise-with the cross before him(He had just predicted it)Instead of thinking about himself (Look at all this praise/Poor me the cross is ahead of me) Luke says Jesus Leeked at Jerusalem and wept.

I want us to look at this sentence this morning


I---He Saw

1---Two Verbs that denote different degrees of seeing

A---Blepo-to look; a mechanical look, passive, casual

B---Eido-to look closely at, to perceive, to discern clearly, in intensely acknowledge

-When you Eido you feel it


How many here before you were saved you knew about Jesus

-When you got saved it was like a light came on

-You understood

-Used to know about him-now you know him



2 Cor 4:4-The God of the age had blinded the minds of unbelievers, so they cannot see the light of the Gospel

-The unbeliever blepoes the gospel

-When your eyes have been opened you eido it

Jesus didn’t just blepo Jerusalem he just casually see it from a distance

He Eidoed Jerusalem

-Looked closely-felt-perceived Jerusalem

2---What Happens When Jesus Sees (Eidoes) Soemthing

A---Healing Takes Place

1---Matt 8:14-15 When Jesus came into Peters house, He saw (Eidoed) Peter’s mother in law lying in the bed with a fever. He touched her hand and the fever left her.

2---Matt 14:14 When Jesus landed and saw (eidoed) the large crowd, he had compassion on them and healed their sick

B People are saved

1---Jn 1:47-19 Jesus saw Nathaniel approaching and said to him, Here is a true Israelite in whom there is nothing false. How do you know me? Nathaniel said. Jesus answered, I saw (eidoed) you under the fig tree before Philip called you. Then Nethaniel declared. Rabbi you are the Son of God

3---When Jesus Eidoes things happen

A Jesus didn’t just eido back then

B Jesus Eidos Your situation

-If your sick he sees

-if your hurting he sees

-Jesus eidoes (feels) you

As Jesus approached Jerusalem he saw the city and wept

What did he eido in Jerusalem

Vs 42-He eidoed the lost of Jerusalem

QUESTION-Do you Eido the Lost


-perceive their pain

-or do you just pass them by

II---The City-Jerusalem

Feed the Children-God use me

Man walked in front of my car

Jesus eidoed Jerusalem

1---A close/familiar place

A Many of his followers were from Jerusalem (Mtt 4:25

B Jesus spent a lot of time there

-once a year

Familiarity breeds contempt

-So many times are hearts are broken for things far off.

-Jesus was broken for Jerusalem

2---Jerusalem caused Jesus a lot of pain

A---Garden of Gethsamene-just outside of JER.

-Betrayed by a friend

B---The people wanted to and eventually killed him

-was the place of his torture and death

Jesus had every right t to not like these people and this city

Jesus was broken for the people who hurt and would kill him


Do you still care for people who are familiar to you or have you given up on them

Do you still care for people who have hurt or betrayed you or have you dismissed them

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