Summary: God’s love is shown through salvation, forgiveness and restoration.

How Much Does God Love You?

Today?s scripture comes from the book of 1st John. ?God is love.? This scripture was written by John the apostle. One of Jesus? disciples and was one of the three core members that went everywhere with Jesus. He is noted for writing five of the New Testament books; which are John, first, second, and third John, and the book of Revelation.

The interesting thing about John though, is not just the fact that he was with Christ and a part of the core and also a writer in the Bible, though those are all fantastic things but the thing that catches my attention the most is the fact that John is someone that you can see grow right before your very eyes as you read through the Bible.

For example, in the Gospel of Luke Jesus sent messengers ahead of Him to get things ready for Him. Those messengers went into a Samaritan village but the people there did not welcome Him. When the disciples James and John saw this, they asked, ?Lord, do you want us to call fire down from Heaven to destroy them??

This is where the transformation takes place from the John of old to the John of new. Because in this verse that I just told you about was a John that was on Fire for the Lord, and that is great but there was something that John was missing. The love. Jesus said, I come unto this world not to condemn it but to save it. And I believe by the time John wrote 1st John chapter four he had a better understanding and practiced this term that we will be discussing here today. Love.

How much does God love you? That is the question here on the table. How much does God truly love you? Many of us know the correct response in church, ?God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son? everyone knows John 3:16. And though that is true, and I certainly do not want to take anything from that very important point.

However, let us look into that a little more in depth. So again the question is How much does God really love you. the Bible says that God is love. But how much does He love us? The Bible says that God wants us love one another. But how much does God love us? The Bible says he that loves not is not of God. But how much does God love us? That is the question, HOW MUCH DOES GOD LOVE YOU!?

Today we will be looking at three areas of Gods love.

Gods love through salvation

Gods love through forgivness

Gods love through restoration

Lets look at verse nine, ?In this was manifested the love of God toward us, because that God sent his only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through him.?

God loves you so much that He certainly did send His only begotten son to die for us. Have you really considered the significance behind the fact that God was willing to send His Son down here to earth to die for you and I? Think about it for just a second. Jesus was already in Heaven, a perfect place where everyone is desiring to be after they pass from this life and enter into the next life.

Just think everyone including those who do not even believe in Heaven and Hell, if they had a choice would choose to go to Heaven. But you see Jesus was already in Heaven. He did not have to go through anything here on earth, but he did for you and I.

So if we could use our imagination for a few minutes. Think about how Jesus was sitting in heaven a perfect place, where there is no sin no darkness. This a place where there is no pain no jealousy, no anger, no hatred, no pride, no temptations. Nothing that is unpleasing to God was in heaven. Angels all around just praising the Lord. Perfect.

Then all of a sudden God sees a problem in the world, anyone have an idea as to what the problem was? Sin. Sin was in the world. Anything that is unpleasing to the Lord is sin, and there was a whole lot of sinning going on.

So God says lets see, what shall I do (a rhetorical question obviously), I already flooded the earth and I promised not to that again, people have been told to offer sacrifices to cover their sins from me, but still I need to go ahead and take care of this problem of sin once and for all. But who could I sent? And just at that moment Jesus stands up and says I will go.

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