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Summary: Looking at what people consider is their main value in life.Coventness in todays life.

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How much is enought? Covetness in ones life will be the death of them. How much is enough, how much money, titles, positions, land , how many homes is enough. We war and strive, fight and kill, lie and cheet, decieve and steal, to get enough. In Matthew 4;1-4, Satan was tempting Jesus with the goods of this world, food, titles, lands and power, everything that, at that time, was his to give. verse 8-10 also was listing the kingdoms of this world, these are the things that the barbarians of this generation are in search of, Hitler, Husain, Mousilene, and Osama Ben-Lauden. All Barbarens and all with the spirit of antichrist. All wanting more than enough. And what about the rich of today, actors recieveing $1,000,000 a 30 minute show, movie actors recieveing $10, 000,000 a movie, T.V. Host worth $1, 000,000,000, just for talking to poor people with nothing and telling them how bad they feel for them, the owner of a large computer company, is the richest man in the world, estamated value of $46,000,000,000 . How much is enough. Concerning the rich, Jesus said, " It is easier for a camel to past thru the eye of a neadel, than for a rich man to inter into the kingdom of Heavan." the deciples answered Him and asked, "Then who can be saved?" Jesus answered and said, " For man it is imposiable, but for God all things are Posiable." You know all the storeies and you know all the verses in scripture about the rich and Gods judgement upon them, but ,it isnt the riches that comdemed them, it was the covetness and greed, it was the lack of compassion on others that got them into trouble with God. The Apostile Paul said, "I pray that you be in health and prosper, even as you soul prosperith." Putting priorities straight. Not thinking more of the blessings than the one that gave them to you. Do people actually believe that they will never die, or be able to take it with them, and what about history? It seams that a lot of men and women want their name written down in history books. If they knew anything about scripture, they would realise that the things of this world will never inter into the next. History books will be destroyed along with their posesions, never to be remembered again. Its useless to strive with things that are not eternal. Every thing that you can see is temperal, according to scripture, and those things

that are temperal ,will pass away, temperial means, temporary. Luke 16:19-22, Gives us the parable of the rich man and lazarus , Jesus said that there WAS a certain rich man, Jesus, you must understand, never told a lie, and when He said, there was, He ment it. This rich man was real, an actual person, a person of great wealth and power, that believed in only one thing and that was his wealth. So where did the rich mans wealth get him, what consilation did he have when he died, Verse23 gives us the answer," and in hell, he lifted up his eyes...." This was his consilation, his payment for curelty and covetness, this was where his god brought him, god you ask, yes, the rich mans god was wealth, he had made his desision to worship his money over God. There is so much in the scripture about money and wealth and posessions. There is nothing wrong with, haveing unless your haveing , has you. When money, position, titles, lands, ect ,become your driveing force in life, then it becomes your god. One of the greatest verses in scripture that represents this point is what Jesus said, " If a man gains the whole world and loses his soul, what would he give in exchange for his soul?" Weve intered into perolus times according to scripture, but the concept of what Jesus said over 2,000 years ago, still applies today. Gambling, lottery, horses, fights arena sports, the same thing that brought down the great empire of rome has hit the whole world again. It seams that people today are wanting to see others get hurt or killed because of the type of sports that they enjoy watching, we call them gladeator games, just like rome. What did Jesus say, " As it was in the day of Noah, so Shall it be in the time of the second comming of the son of man." Church, tell me the difference, what is different about the time of Noah and now. Can you justify what man is doing, is it that obvious , that men try to hide it under a different name? Think about it, let God open your eyes to the truth. Posess, but dont let it posess you. Ask yourself, How much is enough, how much do you need, can you let others suffer while you count your blessings. How much is enough? Are we comming to the end of the age ,when Jesus returns?, You thoughts are as good as mine, but can you see the signs? So when you read the paper, watch the news, read your Bible, and pray at bed time, ask yourself, when you see the signs of the times, How much is enough? ars.

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