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Summary: Encouraging others not to quit the work of God


Titus 1:9-16

Introduction: Titus was in a hard place. It was a place that was given to paganism. It was not a real favorable place to start and maintain a church.

In verse ten Paul warns of those who would not submit themselves to authority. Not being submissive to earthly authority is a good sign that you are not submissive to the Lord’s authority.

In that same verse he mentions vain talkers. This are those who talk a good game but basically are not doing the work of God. James warns of this also.

James 1:22

“But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.”

Then Paul gives this warning in verse eleven- “Whose mouths must be stopped”. What does Paul mean here? He is meaning that properly, to check, or curb, as with a bridle; to restrain, or bridle in; and then, to put to silence. Why is this important? The ones who run from house to house are trying to cause trouble in the church. They did this so they could control the ministry.

Paul’s advice was to preach hard. Hard preaching in that day was not anymore acceptable than it is today. People don’t like to be reminded of their sin. This is one reason why teaching ministries have become so popular. Teaching simply informs. Preaching challenges and demands a response.

By the reading of the letter to Titus, it is very possible he was ready to throw in the towel when he received this letter. I have seen many things that will discourage you in the life of a pastor. I have seen a huge decrease in interest in the things of God by the people who should be some of the most spiritual. I see more people sleeping in services. It seems that very few care if they even come.

It bothers me in that some have quit Freedom Baptist church even though they have not left. I am bothered worse by those folks than the ones who just leave. I remember a time in my ministry here that I ran into this same problem. At that time I had planned to resign. In fact I have already drafted the letter in my mind and my wife knew that I was going to do so. I had planned to come back to the church after I had preached my home church’s homecoming.

Then I ran into some roadblocks so to speak. Every song I heard on the radio seemed to have the theme of not quitting. Each preacher seemed to be preaching on the subject. But I am stubborn at times. I was not interested in hearing what the Lord had to say.

Then on the Thursday morning I was to start my vacation, I had a 30-minute break at the nursing home. I opened my briefcase looking for something to read when I ran across a newspaper that I had throw to the back of my briefcase. I was flipping through it when I found an article that was entitled "How not to quit". When I saw the title, I said to the Lord, "Okay, Lord, you have my complete attention." That sermon by a missionary changed my mind, challenged my heart and charged my soul.

Now not everyone who quits a ministry or church is wrong. There are doctrinal reasons for doing so. There may be some morality reasons. But to quit because their feelings are hurt is wrong.

Everyone wants to quit at times. This illustrates good. A husband and his wife arose one Sunday morning and the wife dressed for church. It was just about time for the service when she noticed her husband hadn’t moved a finger toward getting dressed. Perplexed, she asked, "Why aren’t you getting dressed for church?" He said, "Cause I don’t want to go." She asked, "Do you have any reason?" He said, "Yes, I have three good reasons. First, the congregation is cold. Second, no one likes me. And third, I just don’t want to go." The wife replied, wisely, "Well, honey, I have three reasons why you should go. First, the congregation is warm. Second, there are a few people there who like you. And third, you’re the pastor! So get dressed!"

I know that some of you are in the same boat I have been in. You have decided to quit and cannot find a gracious way to do so. So I want to give you fourteen reasons why I cannot quit.


A. I fear God and his chastening. (I have BEEN THERE, DONE THAT AND DON’T EVER WANT TO GO BACK.) It is not that the Lord is a big bully waiting to wail the daylights out of me. But I made a commitment to the Lord to serve Him the rest of my life. I know what He is able to do to chasten His children.

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