Summary: Our choice of the Lord after He has chosen us will determine how far we will go with Him


One thing is for people to call you to follow the Lord or God Himself call you to follow Him but it's another thing entirely FOR YOU TO PURPOSE TO FOLLOW THE LORD. When you have chosen the Lord after He has chosen you, then you will never be satisfied with men but God Himself always. Men cannot quenching your thirst until you break your way through to the Lord.

When our Lord Jesus Christ was resurrected, early in the Morning, Mary Magdalene, the one whose heart was yearning for the Lord went as early as possible to the Sepulchre of the Lord Jesus Christ, seeking for Jesus. On getting there, she discovered an empty Tomb and she ran back to call the First Two inner Circle of our Lord Jesus Christ, those who were the closest Him before His crucifixion. When they came there, they examined the sepulchre one after the other and went back to their home.

Now, can you imagine people who seemed like the heart of the Lord Jesus Christ just looked for Him cursory and went back to their home? They had forgotten all that He taught them about His Resurrection. They didn't really had thirst in their hearts to see the Lord. Even if not Mary Magdalene who went to call them, they won't have minded. Why because they had alternatives. They could go back to their fishing company since the Man of Wonders had gone. They were not expecting anything again from Him. He's dead, He's dead and they had resulted for alternative. What about the Love of John the Beloved for the Lord? Someone he always lies on His bosom. What about the great love of Apostle Peter that even wanted to die for the Lord? May God help us to be more than mouth profession to heart possession.

This divine test shown clearly who really love the Lord. They were called to follow the Lord but they had not chosen to follow Him. They simply followed Him as far as they could see Him and not farther than that. They were like Israelites in the wilderness, who quickly had alternative to God and Moses when Moses went to go and meet with the Lord. They said, " make us god that will go before us; FOR AS FOR THIS MOSES, the man that brought us up out of the Land of Egypt, we know not what has become of him" This is the life of multitudes followers. They simply followed God to the extent of the Leader they see and nothing more and when he is not in sight again, they go back to their alternatives. They had sung the praise of God and of Moses when the miracles was flowing but now that he was absent, they never bother to seek for him before they deliberate on replacement. They didn't wake up like Mary Magdalene and look for Moses, the man who God was using to bring them out of Egyptian captivity with great wonders and signs. They had gone back to their own home like the apostles did, even the inner circle of the Lord. Is this true of us, that we simply follow the Lord to the extent we can see His sign and wonder or to the level where your leader place you and not further?

WHOM SEEK YE? Who are you seeking; Jesus, the bread that perishes, men? The condition of your heart will show it. That of Mary shown it, that of apostles shown it, that of Israelites shown?

After they had gone back to their own home, the real Seeker refused to follow them and remain there. She now added weeping to her soul longing and thirsty to See the Lord. Then the Lord did another test, He caused angel to appeared to her, with their brightening and radiant faces but Mary wasn't satisfied with angelic appearance just as Moses wasn't satisfied with the angelic assistance, He wanted God to follow him. What are you satisfied with? Multitudes are now satisfied with the bread that perishes to the extent that they have replaced their Glory with Mammon. The reason why they are following God is because of cars, jet, big estate, earthly mansions and they are bending the Way of the Lord to have them. They have rejected the Lord because they don't know what has become of Him. Why are all sort of sins many in the churches today, it's because many church attendees are not seeking God that can cure them of sin but the one who can give them bread that perishes.

Mary Magdalene was not of that sort, she sought further to see the Lord until He appeared to her. It was then she was satisfied. If you are satisfied with anything less than the Living Bread that came from Heaven to give us Life, you are of all men most miserable. That was how her great love for the Lord made her to see the Lord first among all. If the two prominent apostles had sought further, they would had seen the Lord also but they went back quickly because their professed love for the Lord was not further than the grave, that is why they had the grave cloth experience but Mary Magdalene experienced Life Himself first.

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