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Summary: Are you redeemed? Are you living a redeemed life? To many of us are redeemed, however we are still bound to a old self. God has set us free. Let’s learn how to live truly redeemed lives!

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Jesus loves the song of the redeemed. The bible teaches us that the angels have a party when one soul is saved. Heaven has a victory party when one person becomes redeemed from their lost lifestyle! God redeemed the Israelites from the chains and bondage of Egypt. It wasn’t long afterwards that the Israelites wanted to go back to their old lifestyle. How many times did they ask Moses, “Were there not enough graves in Egypt?”

Tell your neighbor, “I am redeemed.” Ask your neighbor, “Are you living a redeemed lifestyle?” How many know that you are redeemed? How many of you actually live redeemed life styles? Free from sin. Free from old habits, or addictions. Today, I want to expand your thought pattern. I want you to realize that God has a party every time that He redeems you from an old habit. God celebrates every time that He gives you victory over your addictions and sin! Here is something you already know, but forget to easily. Once you have been saved, the victory is yours for the taking. You just have to believe that God will overcome it through you. Let’s discover how.

Redeemed with support. Advocate. (vs. 1)

John tells the people that they should not sin. Did he give them a chemical equation that they couldn’t figure out? No. That is about as plain as you can get. We all know now that as Christians, we choose to sin. So if we are truly redeemed, set free, why do we still sin?

How many of you would buy a computer without a support group to call? Not many would do that. Why? Computers are complicated, and the average Joe needs help figuring them out. What kind of God would send His people out into life without a support group? Life is much more complicated than a computer. After all, man made the computer; only God created and gives life! If we can figure out that we need support, wouldn’t an all knowing God know this as well? The answer is yes! So how does this support group work? First we need to realize that do we get support from the Father. “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights”, James 1:17. And in Jn 2:1 we see that it says, “we have an advocate with the Father”. Again, just to reiterate that God is supreme, in control, and all powerful, He sends us Himself, our support in time of need. How does this manifest itself?

Support in the form of His Son. Philippians tell us that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

Support in the form of His Spirit. Jesus said that He wouldn’t leave us alone, but that He would send a helper. Romans tells us that we need help praying.

Support in the form of His Seat. Heb. 4:16 “Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.”

Is all this provided so that we can get what we want? No. It is provided so that we can obtain God’s perspective. So that we can obtain God’s vision. So that we can obtain God’s victory. It doesn’t make it easy. It doesn’t make it fun. It probably won’t make you popular with the world. But it will make you right with God. How much more faithful can you be then when you have taken God at His word to the point that you are applying it to your life, living your life as a living sacrifice that is Holy and acceptable to Him?

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