Summary: How does the Bible describe God and how do false teachers do the same?

How the Bible Describes God

How does the Bible describe God? The first truth taught in scripture is that God is not to

be compare to any likeness on the earth. In Exodus 20, God commanded that the people

were not to create any image with the likeness of anything that is in heaven. Why? When

man creates a god, he exalts it to becomes his god. In the heart of man is a need to

worship. When we exalt something, we worship it. The only way to successfully worship

God is to keep a sense of awe about Him. When we compare something to God, even if

we have good intentions, God is diminished. If nothing seen can be compared to God and

we say ’God is like...’, then we have brought God down to the image we have created in

our mind. Once God is inside the box, we are no longer worshipping the true and living


The Bible is very careful in how God is identified. God is never really described, only

attributes are described. ’Our God is a mighty Warrior’ describes the attribute that God

conquers. ’He Covers us with His feathers’ describes God’s protection and because we

can see a hen protecting her brood from danger in nature, we can get a glimpse of how

God protects us. ’Our God is a consuming fire’ depicts God’s holiness and that anything

that does not withstand His judgement will not remain. ’God is light’ describes God’s

truth and how we can see only if we are walking in it. There are many other attributes

described. None of these describe God, but they all describe attributes of God. One thing

the Bible does make clear is that God is not a man and God is Spirit. Look at John 4

23 "But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship

the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him.

24 "God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth."

If God is Spirit, how can these teachers all declare that God is a six foot tall man? They

are demoting God and creating Him into their image rather than conforming to His

image. Let’s take a little time to look deeper into the demotion of God. This is a very

serious challenge against God, His word, and to our faith. You cannot serve a demoted

God and serve the true God at the same time. In the next few sections, we will look at

how God and Jesus Christ are demoted and Satan and man are exalted by this movement

that claims to be part of the evangelical church. But first let us look at other Word-Faith

teachings that find their origins in cultic philosophy.

Unholy Trinity

I dislike the practice of speaking ’a word of knowledge’ in a time of worship. I have been

in many services where people take turns saying, ’Thus saith the Lord....’ and then

proceed to give a word of revelation. People are led to believe that the first word that

pops in their heads is a revelation of the Holy Spirit. God said that if we say that He has

spoken when He has not spoken, then we are declaring falsely. It is a serious matter to

declare that God has spoken. Generally speaking, God’s will is revealed through His

word, through prayer, and seeking Him. To blurt out declaration is putting yourself at risk

needlessly. To say the Holy Spirit reveals something is blasphemy if the Holy Spirit is

not the author of our thoughts. An example of this blasphemy is when Benny Hinn stood

before a congregation and stated that the Holy Spirit was coming upon him. He then

began to reveal to the audience what the Holy Spirit supposedly had revealed. Here is

what he said:

"I feel a revelation of the Holy Spirit coming upon me. God the father is a triune

being by himself - separate from the Son and the Holy Ghost. God the father is a

person. God the Son is a person and God the Holy Ghost is a person. But each one

of them is a triune being by himself. If I can shock you, and maybe I should, there

are nine of them."

Notice what he said, 1. This is a revelation by the Holy Spirit; 2. The Father, Son and

Holy Spirit are beings separate from each other 3. Each is a triune being by himself. Can

anyone follow Benny Hinn without denying the scripture? The Bible clearly teaches that

God does not change nor will His word ever change. If someone reveals what is contrary

to the revealed word of God, they are in opposition against God. Deuteronomy makes it

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