Summary: This sermon gives us ways to counter attack Satan’s workings within the church

Satan’s Attack Upon The Kingdom of God

How The Church Can Counter Attack Satan

Text: II Corinthians 11:3 "But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent bequiled Eve through his subtility, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ."

Galatians 6:1-2 " Brethern, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual , restore such a one in the spirit of meekness, Considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted, Bear ye one another’s burdens ans so fulfill the law of Christ."

Romans 15:1 " We then that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak and not to please ourselves."



At the close of our last message, we turned to Paul’s warning of caution to the Corinthian church, sharing with them his extreme fear of Satan crawling his way into their lives, and just as the serpent beguiled Eve and led her away from God, so he would also seduce them and they be led away from the simplicity of Jesus Christ.

Sad -- Sad --- Situation!



It was obvious that Paul had a burden for the people of the church at Corinth.

People should be important to us!

Paul had invested part of his life in these people. They were like family to this man of God.

That is exactly what we are today. It is not about denominatons --- it is about family in Jesus.

Members of the household of faith. We fight for one another. We stand in the gap for one another. Not against one another! It is about "people."

Not only does the shepherd behave differently when people are the most important priority--- But also, the entire sheep fold behaves differently when one another is important.

One of the lessons that the kingdom of God needs to learn today is: "The Value Of The Sheep."

"The Value of the Soul."

"The Value of Little Ones."

Paul preached and practiced Love -- Harmony ---

Unity --- Among the Body of Christ.He encouraged them to ’Love One Another" to "Care For One


We learn from Jesus’ example to Behave as



We have the abilty to counter attack Satan’s attacks. We can encourage and care and cheer on one another. We are all we’ve got- we cannot turn to the world for comfort. They don’t understand us, we’re peculiar people! It takes one to know one! Our blessings and our battles are foreign to people who are not a part of the family of God.

Church there should be a bond between as as members of the household of faith that is unbreakable. Make Satan a believer of just how strong that bond is!

One of Satan’s favorite attacks is to try to destroy that bond of love -- that burden -- that spiritual glue that keeps us knit together in love.

When Jesus sent the 70 out into the world, He did not send them alone. He sent them out into two’s. (2’s) There is great strength in not being alone, by yourself. We should not try to make it on our own, outside the fellowship and prayers and love and concern of the entire sheep fold.

I need you and you need me! There ought never be divisions and strifes and confusions among us! If there are --- then something is wrong, very wrong! we are called upon to love one another.

Paul wrote, "I hear that there be divisions among you, these things ought not to be."

Notice the real -- genuine spirit of God.

When the winds of confusion 1st begin to blow

When there are misunderstandings --- differences --- controversies --- Instead of breaking off and splintering off into groups, parties, factons, we come together so much the more because our likes should by far outweigh our differences. It is the spirit of the AntiChrist that causes us to concentrate upon our weaknesses over our strengths.

we pray our divisions down. We pray out strife and trouble. We pray out conflict and controversy.

When that spirit tries to creep in among us through wolves in sheep’s clothing, regardless of who it is, recognize it for what it is and do not encourage it and partake of it.

The burden for one another is proven by what we do -- how we behave when we see Satan attacking one of our sheep. A burden for the sheep will drive that wolf from among us.

Sadly --- an indictment that is true far too often -- in too many places --- We Fail To Possess The Proper Burden For One Another. Too busy and too preoccupied with self. "My 4 and no more!"


We’re ALL SHEPHERDS. Holy Spirit give us a burden for one another. May we reach out in Love for Love Never Fails! May we be sensitive to weary people. May we be as Aaron and Hur in the Old Testament, holding up Moses’ arms until the battle is won!

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