Summary: My life was totally changed when a guy we nicknamed "Big Mac" invested his spiritual life into me. We can all be mentors like Big was to me and 2 Timothy 2:1-2 shows us how.

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How to be a Big Mac!

II Timothy 2:1-2

You Can be a spiritual mentor/investor!

I. Introduction

a. Bad investment story

i. Anyone here ever made a bad investment?

ii. About a year or so ago… I got inspired! I was going to get myself buffed! (not that I’m not already buffed… but… you know…)

iii. So I went out and bought me a weight bench and some dumbbells… I also bought a pull-up bar.

iv. Well… some of you know where this is going… I bought some dumbbells… but I was the only dumbbell there.

v. I used that weight bench MAYBE a week… and now it is just a seat to sit on between ping pong games!

vi. That was not a good investment on my part!

b. This morning I want to talk to you guys about a good investment… in fact… the BEST investment that you can make… and that is investing in the life of another.

c. You guys should know, that I am standing here today, preaching and leading these wonderful youth b/c someone (actually several people) invested into me.

i. When I was in college I was just beginning to live for God… I had been one of those church kids who knew God, but was now just getting to the point where I was internalizing my faith!

ii. And God sent into my life a guy named Chris McGaha… Chris was a big guy (football player) so we called him Big Mac!

iii. And for two years Big Mac poured his life into me… he invested time, energy, resources, love, etc. into my life!

1. It was Chris that taught me how to study the Word of God and have a passion for HIM.

2. It was Chris that inspired me to reach the unchurched!

3. It was Chris that gave me wisdom about my relationship with Denise.

4. It was Chris that encouraged me to respond to God’s call to the ministry.

5. I’m telling you guys… I would not be here today if it were not for Big Mac! He was my Paul and I was his Timothy!

d. This morning I am challenge you with two thoughts… do you have a Big Mac in your life… and are you Big Mac to someone else.

e. If you do not have someone like this in your life, then I strongly encourage you to pray that God would send a mentor into your life.

f. But I want you to know this… you too can be a mentor… you to can be a Big Mac… and God’s Word is going to show us how this morning!

g. Read II Timothy 2:1-2

h. Briefly explain the relationship between Paul and Timothy!

i. What does a Big Mac look like?

II. Big Mac’s are Constant Learners!

a. “You therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. The things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses…”

b. Timothy was now in a leadership role of his own… investing his life into other people.

i. But he was not doing this on his own power and strength.

ii. First, you need to notice that he was to stand strong in grace… not in his own ability or not in his own wisdom… but in grace.

iii. Big Mac’s have to learn true dependence on God and His amazing grace.

1. Some of you are saying to yourself… “I can never be a mentor… I don’t know enough… I’m not qualified!”

2. Good… then you are a perfect candidate! Because God wants to use His strength… not yours.

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