3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: There are courses offered for everything from how to get divorced to how to sue a church. Is there a course on ’how to be a history maker’?

Exodus 3:1-7

We are offered courses for everything:

How to get divorced;

How to sue a church

How to marry into money

But is there a course on ‘How to be a history maker’? – in the Bible there is

Characteristics of a history maker:

Boldness; anointing; faith; used what he had; teachable; started humble

1) Where to be in order to be called

a) Tending the flock

b) Moses wasn’t in a spiritual meeting (No ID Found playing)

i) The anointing came in everyday life

ii) How many have heard God speak during everyday life

(1) Anton Doyle and Bill Creed

c) He was humble

i) Prepared to go from Prince to shepherd

d) Did everything to the best of his ability (went to the far side of the desert)

e) Can’t start off as a history maker … start small

i) Can’t force ourselves into the ministry – don’t try to create opportunities for yourself

ii) Ishmael cf Isaac

iii) Jesus determined to keep low profile

f) Personal turning point for me was 2nd EasterFest … “God speak to me too”

2) How to recognise the call / How God calls

a) Burning bush

b) Not strange that the bush spoke … strange that Moses spoke back

c) Why was the bush burning?

i) God associated with fire

ii) Burning to attract his attention

(1) Whatever happens, does so in order to attract our attention

(2) Prophecy could be a burning bush for you

d) Did God speak through a burning bush again? We would tend to go the rest of our live’s looking for more burning bushes.

i) Many people have a burning bush in the form of prophecy and then they eyxpect the same thing to happen again

3) How to behave in God’s presence

a) Take your sandals off … why?

i) Not because his shoes were unholy

ii) God was wanting to communicate how important this event was

iii) Shoes are important, especially in the desert … I’ll protect you here

iv) We can not stand in God’s presence in anything man made … it is by grace that we are saved.

4) Why God calls / What to do after God has called you

a) “I have seen the misery of my people”

b) why does God perform miracles in our lives? Because he sees the misery of His people.

c) ILLUS Girl in burning house and dog in the garden

d) God saved you because he loved someone else

“what is in your hand” God will use whatever you have.

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